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MTV Networks Latin America
Internship Program
? ? ? ??
Dear Prospective Intern Candidate, Thank you for
inquiring about our internship program. MTV
Networks Latin America consists of three
channels, MTV, VH-1 and Nickelodeon Latin
America. MTV Latin America is the world's first
24-hour Spanish-language network specifically for
young adults whose roots extend to both U.S. and
Latin cultures. Not only is Nickelodeon
broadcast to kids in the U.S., U.K., and
Australia, but in December of 1996 the channel
also launched to kids in Latin America. VH-1
targets the 25-49 Year Old Audience and
Celebrates Pop Culture and Music through original
programming hits. All three channels are on the
lookout for bright, creative students to
participate in our internship program. Our
internships are designed to offer students an
opportunity to gain insight into the television
industry. Interns obtain hands-on experience by
working in jobs related to their career fields
and by interacting with professionals in
on-the-job situations. Our internships are
available to all college students who are able to
receive school credit and who are studying and
interested in the following areas studio
production and programming, production
management, marketing, sales, research, ad sales,
communications, finance, information
technologies, law, and on-line. The internships
are available throughout the year and we work
with the student to determine how many days a
week they are able to intern. A list of the
requirements needed to apply for an internship
and additional information is enclosed. Again,
we appreciate your interest in our program and
look forward to receiving your information. Sinc
erely, Human Resources
Launch Date December 20, 1996 Nickelodeon
Network Nickelodeon is the leading entertainment
brand exclusively for kids in Latin America. It
offers 75 original programming for the region,
with a variety of original and acquired series
and shorts for kids. The program schedule
includes live action, comedy, drama, animation,
preschool programs, sport and game shows from
Nickelodeons award-winning program library and
international and regional acquisitions.
Programming Nickelodeon Latin America also
features high-quality acquisitions like Bananas
in Pyjamas, produced by ABC International, and
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Clueless and Sister,
Sister produced by Paramount Pictures. Distributio
n 12.3 million multichannel homes in 27
countries (as of 11/01) Transmission Nickelodeon
transmits three signals, one for the North, one
for the South and one for Brazil, on PanAmSat 3R
in Spanish, Portuguese and English and is
received via cable, MMDS and Direct to Home
throughout Latin America and the
Caribbean. Interactive, MTV Latin
Americas internet vertical site and, Nickelodeon Latin Americas
internet site are the leading on-line
entertainment destinations for Latin American
youth. They each have a monthly average of 28
million page views and nearly one million
registered unique visitors as of October 2001.
Both sites offer community services (chat and
email), music news, exclusive interviews,
extended programming, auctions and online games,
among other features.
Launch Date October 1, 1993 Regional
Offices Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mexico City,
Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil (NICK only) MTV
Network MTV Latin America is a 24-hour
Spanish-language cable network that offers music
programming for young people in Latin America.
MTV Latin America speaks directly to the interest
and lifestyles of Latin American youth in their
own language. MTV Latin America operates three
feeds the North feed reaches Mexico, The
Caribbean, Central America, Colombia and
Venezuela the South feed covers Argentina,
Uruguay and Paraguay and the Central feed
includes Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. MTV
Brasil a separate operation, is currently seen
24-hours a day in 16.6 million households and is
distributed from Sao Paulo to UHF stations and
cable systems. Demographics Latin American
viewers ages 12-34. Distribution MTV Latin
America reaches 12 million homes in 23
territories throughout Latin America via
satellite to cable, SMATV, MMDS and
direct-to-home (DTH). Programming MTV Latin
America features a mix of Spanish-language and
international music videos, local and regional
productions, music news and documentaries, artist
interviews, concert coverage, series, unique
contests and specials presented by Video Jockeys
(VJs) native to Latin America. Shows include
Conexión, Behind the Music, Celebrity Deathmatch,
Daria, Making the Video, MTV Unplugged, Los 10
más pedidos, Jackass and Top 20.
Launch Date April 1, 2004 The Network Vh1 is
the entertainment channel for the 25-49 year-old
audience that celebrates pop culture icons and
the music of their generation. It presents a
wide variety of programming that touches on
current events, trends, celebrities, fashion,
glamour, film and lifestyle. The Spanish-language
channel will be tailored for the Latin American
market and will feature original programming
hits, such as Behind The Music Driven, All
Access, and Before They were Rockstars special
events like VH1 Divas Live, and the VH1 Big in
2004 Awards to create a mix of music and
entertainment. Demographics Latin Americans aged
24-49 Programming VH1 Latin America is a
Spanish-language channel featuring a mix of music
original programming, and special events.
Original programming hits include Driven,
Behind the Music, Before They Were Rock Stars,
All Access, Fan Club, The Fabulous Life of,
Ultimate Albums, and special events such as VH1
Divas Live, RockRoll Hall of Fame Awards and the
VH1 Big in 2004 Awards. The channels music
programming is a mix of Spanish-language and
international recording artists, including
Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Metallica, No Doubt,
Dido, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Red Hot Chili
Peppers, U2, Alejandro Sanz, Luis Miguel, Ricky
Martín, Maná, Shakira, Juanes, Café Tacvba,
Jaguares, among others.
The following is a list of unpaid, for credit
only, internship opportunities we have available
year-round for MTV Networks Latin America
Ad Sales
Advertising/Traffic Intern will research new
business opportunities, competition, product
categories, and pan-regional market. Will also
organize client year in review presentations.
Create documents, contact clients, and coordinate
special events. Bilingual (English/Spanish
and/or Portuguese) and have knowledge of
Microsoft Word. Knowledge of Power Point is
helpful. Intern will learn how ad space is sold
for the channel. Communications
Communications/Public Relations The intern will
be responsible for assisting in the overall
responsibilities of the press department. Intern
will have a great opportunity to gain public
relations experience. It is required that he/she
have computer skills (Word, Excel)-fluent in
English and Spanish, and have basic experience
working in an office atmosphere. Executive
MBA/Intl Business/Communications Assist the
company president in day to day
activities/projects having to do with public
relations/communications. Interns will have a
great opportunity to gain public
relations/community awareness experience. In
addition, interns will get exposure to all facets
of the entertainment industry. Any professional
experience will be valued, especially within the
Latin American market. Finance

Planning Reporting Interns will be
participating in several aspects of the finance
department such as Attend all Strategic and
Monthly finance meeting between Finance Managers
and CFO, Participate and have a light training in
several finance information system. (ex JDE
TM1 multi-dimensional data base), Take on an
active roll in the Capital Expenditure process
and Participate in several on going Analysis
projects relating to Revenue and Production
expenses. Internship program will not be focused
on clerical work. Intern should be working
knowledge in Excel. Music and Talent
Music Mgmt./ Communications/Public
Relations Intern will be responsible for calling
labels for video information and bios for
production. They will also be inputting
information on RAP Sheet for acquisition meetings
and distributing information to production and
programming. Must have excellent follow-up
skills, and communication skills in both English
and Spanish. Strong knowledge of music artists
and bands is plus. MS Word is necessary.
I.S. Technical Support
Computer Science/MIS Intern will assist
computer technical support department resolving
computer system issues, helping to answer support
line calls and tracking all calls on database
system.  Candidate will gain experience working
with various types of computer equipment and
software, as well as exposure to troubleshooting
techniques used on multiple software and hardware
platforms.  We work in the entertainment field
the chosen candidate will get introduced to many
interesting programs and applications both on the
Mac and PC that go into getting TV shows on air.
 Candidate will also have the opportunity to
participate in ongoing information technology
projects.  Comfort working in the windows
environment and with Microsoft office required.
 Prior experience working in a customer service
environment, working knowledge of any hardware or
software a plus. Marketing/Trade Marketing

Marketing/Int'l Business The intern will assist
in creating proposals, memos, letters to clients,
vendors, radio tune-ins and internal staff. Will
also assist in coordination of on air contests,
programs, meeting with clients, and planning
events. Additionally, The intern will manage
the following projects Viewer services, cable
operator survey by obtaining information from
Latin American cable operators, assist with the
writing and creative aspect of the quarterly
mailing, help in the development of sales
materials, competitive review of other key kids
channels, and other Marketing initiatives. Must
have fluency in Spanish, Portuguese is a plus,
and MS Word. Operations
Schedule/proof/finalize music logs for one of the
three MTVLA Networks, and coordinate the
electronic distribution of this log onto Traffic
NOC. Assist the dept. on all special projects
(such as Contra 2.0 Doing the QA as well as
ingesting the back plates through to the NOC El
Clic Being in constant communication with
production for all info on the daily show.)
Oversee all video clip dubs for all of
productions requests. Making the requests to NY
and follow up with the arrival of said dub to
cater productions needs. Assist in the process
of acquiring music videos. Help in the caching
of shows, music videos, etc when necessary.
Off-Air Promos
Graphic Design/TV, Video
Production Assist with basic videotape, log in,
and script writing. Also providing his/her
creative input into the project from video,
design or both. Must have basic knowledge of
videotape functioning and cueing, recording,
dubbing, etc. Production
Production/Broadcasting Production Emphasis (also
need 2 interns that can write perfect
Spanish) The duties of a production management
intern are as follows Serving as a production
assistant on various on on-air promo film and
video shoots, Assisting in creating and updating
contact sheets and production schedules, Working
closely with production manager and production
coordinator in coordinating shoots, Researching
different equipment needs, locations, vendors,
etc. for shoots, Maintaining and updating
production management files and contact lists,
Making any necessary dubs for shoots, Requesting,
Checking out and returning camera equipment from
equipment facility, Creating and maintaining a
list of prop inventory from previous shoots,
Scheduling and assisting in the running of
castings for promos shoots, Assisting on any
additional projects as needed Production
Business/Communications/Finance Business
Emphasis The duties of a production management
intern are as follows Assisting in creating and
updating contact sheets and production schedules,
Working closely with production manager and
production coordinator in coordinating shoots,
including dealing with production management
teams in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Assisting
in obtaining and processing paperwork for new
vendors (both domestic and foreign). Interfacing
with accounts payable department to assure set up
is complete and vendor is approved in system,
Maintaining and updating production management
files and contact lists, Assisting in obtaining
invoices, and researching payment status for
vendors (both domestic and foreign) and
communicating status to them, Working with
production manager and producers in obtaining
necessary information for creation of vendor
contracts (both domestic and foreign) and
tracking contract status through execution,
Updating contract status on Promos Contract
Tracker spreadsheet Use Enterprise One /
PeopleSoft software to track and research costs
for various projects as directed by production
manager, Assist in managing freelance personnel
by updating the departments active freelancer
list, Assisting on any additional projects as
On-Air Promos Print/Broadcast
Journalism/Video Production The intern will learn
the overall function of the On-Air Promos
department, and will assist in updating the
internal database system. Any video experience
is a plus including handling tapes, making tape
compilations, dubbing, etc. MS Word necessary,
Excel is a plus. Must have excellent
communication and organizational skills. Able to
handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Bilingual
(English/Spanish) is necessary. On-line Writer
Communications/Graphic or Web
Design Intern will learn to create and maintain
web content for the MTV, Vh1 and Mundonick
websites. Through training, intern should
eventually participate in all creative facets of
websites, including content production for
television shows, off air events and artist
information. Training phases Training will be
divided up depending on intern talent,
willingness, ability to learn and time but
basically it can divided into three major
phases Phase one General acquaintance with
online elements, style and work flow. Intern
should be able to enter data, check for errors,
digitize video, edit some photos, etc. Length
one month. Phase two Intensive writing
training, updating of programming grids,
translation of some news items, posting of simple
text pages, reading and comprehension of weekly
and monthly programming grids. Intern should
become acquainted with different ways to write
for audiences of Mundonick, MTV and VH1. Length
One month. Phase three Last phase of internship
should involve basic daily functions common to
any web producer. Intern should be able to write
news stories from scratch, assist in production
of Flash MTV (MTV's monthly animation show),
provide creative input, conceive and implement
web sections, etc. Programming
Communications/Video Production The
intern will learn the overall aspects of
Programming. Will have creative input, screen
and log tapes, and offer feedback. Must be
bilingual English/Spanish. Basic MS Word is a
  • Completed applications should be sent to the
    attention of the Intern Coordinator via. either
    of the following methods
  • Mail
  • MTV Networks Latin America
  • Attn Human Resources / Intern Coordinator
  • 1111 Lincoln Road, 6 fl
  • Miami Beach, FL. 33139
  • Fax
  • 305-535-3811
  • Email
  • Hotline
  • 305-535-5388

I. II. III. IV. V.
QA ? QA ? QA ? QA ? QA ? QA ? QA ?
Q Does all the information in my application
need to be sent in at the same time? A No, the
most important document that we need is the
letter stating that you are eligible to receive
academic credit. All of the other paperwork can
be submitted once the interview process
commences. Q How is my internship application
processed once it is received? A All resumes
and applications will be screened by Human
Resources. Eligible intern candidates will be
contacted shortly afterwards to arrange an
interview. Q How are interviews scheduled? A
You will be contacted by phone. All interviews
are conducted in person at our office. There are
no telephone interviews. We try to schedule
interviews during school breaks and with as much
advance notice as possible for you to arrange
affordable transportation to Miami. Intern
candidates are responsible for any expenses
associated with their interview. Q What should
I expect during the interview? A You will
interview with Human Resources and a department
representative. Interviews are informal
discussions, with emphasis on your work history,
school projects and what you want to achieve
through the internship at MTV Networks Latin
America. We want to know as much as possible
about your aspirations and also give you the
opportunity to learn about MTV Networks. Here at
MTV Networks Latin America, we strive to make
your internship as productive as possible for
both you and the department you intern with. Q
When will I know if I have been chosen for the
internship position? A We make every effort to
notify candidates as soon as the final selection
is made. Depending on the term you have
requested and the number of other candidates
applying, this usually occurs between 1-4 weeks
after your initial interview, depending how far
along the semester is.
Mail MTV Networks Latin America Attn Human
Resources / Intern Coordinator 1111 Lincoln
Road, 6 fl Miami Beach, FL.
33139 Email Fax
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