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Title: Banoaks Fifth Graders Portrayal of the

Banoaks Fifth Graders Portrayal of the
Underground Railroad
Freedom Train
Written by Dorothy Sterling
These two slaves are running toward the woods to
get to freedom. They are following the North
Star. They just came out of the Quakers house
with a supply of food in the big bag.
A slave is making sure she can go into the house
by looking at the quilt. The Quakers would put
out different signs so the slaves could come in.
They would help the slaves get to freedom. This
slave is hiding in the dark so she would be less
likely to be seen by the slave hunters and slave
In this picture there is a slave hiding behind a
tree waiting to come inside the house. There
will be a quilt hung out over the roof when it is
safe to come inside. They will hide out behind
the trees in the forest until night when it is
This is the big house where the master of the
slaves on the plantation lives. There are rows of
trees leading up to the owners home. Some of
the slaves worked in the big house during the day
cooking, cleaning, and caring for the masters
Harriet is reaching for the sugar bowl, and her
master is going to whip her.
If the slaves misbehaved or tried to run, they
were punished by the overseer. The overseer
brutally whipped them thirty times or more.
The slaves are working in snow, rain, and
thunderstorms. This slave owner is getting
struck by lightning because he has been cruel to
his slaves.
Harriet is hit with a 2 pound iron weight in the
Harriet is getting hit in the head while trying
to help a runaway slave.
This is the big house. Two people are being hung
for trying to run away. The other slaves are
working behind the big house the masters
house, which is the largest house on the
Harriet Tubmans brother is working in the corn
fields, so they can have food to eat.
Slaves would collect scraps from everywhere and
then later combined all of the scraps to make a
quilt. Slaves lived in cramped places and they
had to cram a lot of people in one small cabin.
Many of the slaves lived hard lives and had to
teach themselves everything they knew.
This is where the slaves lived in times of
slavery. The bigger building is the one that the
slaves lived in, and the smaller one is the shed.
Behind that is the garden.
The master of the plantation had a large house
and a lovely front yard. Often he could sit on
his front porch and look out over his fields.
Harriet Tubman and her brother are picking corn
and cotton for their Master.
Harriet Tubman is bringing back some water for
the other slaves and herself. She works long
hard hours on the plantation.
The master and his wife are standing at the front
door of their large plantation home. They are
looking out over their cotton fields and hoping
for a good harvest.
Harriet Tubman got in trouble, so the master of
the plantation is whipping her.
The left foot, peg foot man is following the
North Star. Hes making marks of his feet for
the slaves to follow him to freedom.
Harriet Tubman is escaping the plantation with
another slave. The plantation owners dont even
know she is escaping from the Brodas Plantation.
They traveled by night and hid during the day.
The prints of left foot, peg foot were left along
the rivers edge for slaves to follow north to
freedom. The North Star was also a guide to
freedom as they traveled in the darkness.
Some slaves are trying to escape from slavery,
and they are pouring pepper down on the ground so
the dogs will not smell their scent when the
overseer comes looking for them.
The peg-footed man is showing the slave the way,
but the slave is stopping to rest. There is a
Quaker in the window who is telling them to come
inside and rest awhile.
Many families secretly opened their homes for
escaping slaves to have a place to hide and rest
on their journey north.
This is a Quakers house with a quilt hanging
from the roof telling runaway slaves it is safe
to come to their home to stay. During the day
slaves will sleep in the house, so the slave
catchers will not get them and beat them.
Harriet Tubman is traveling to freedom and is
getting let inside by a Quaker. They will usually
put lanterns out for the slaves to know that it
is okay to come in, so she is checking to see if
the lantern is in the window.
This is a Quakers home with a quilt hanging on
the roof with the North Star and arrows to lead
the way for the runaway slaves.
This is a scene where the slave catcher left his
post .
Harriet had lost the overseers. She was in the
night following the drinking gourd to her
freedom. She was just a few steps away. Once
Harriet crossed over the line she would be free.
Harriet Tubman decided to runaway to
Pennsylvania. She headed to freedom. She hid in
other peoples homes and snuck through pathways
until she finally got to freedom.
Harriet is running from two dogs, bloodhounds.
She is leading two other slaves to freedom. The
old man left tracks to follow -- left foot, peg
The slave is running to a Quakers house so the
Quaker can help her to freedom. The slave is
following the drinking gourd. She is hiding in
the grass so she will not be seen by the slave
The slaves are working in the field hoeing and
planting seeds. They worked long hours from
sunup to sundown in the hot summers.
This is the masters house. The plantation has
one house slave and 20 field slaves. The master
is not happy when he loses slaves, that means his
production goes down.
The slaves are hiding from the overseer, trying
to escape from their plantation and owners. The
people behind the tree are slaves and the
overseer in the middle is looking for the escaped
slaves. If they are not captured, the slaves
will start following the North Star.
This is the Quakers house Harriet would visit on
the way to the North. The slaves and she would
hide there for a couple of days. They would hide
in secret spots where slave catchers and
overseers wouldnt find them.
One slave is resting while the other is heading
for the taters cart to hide so he can get to go
to freedom and wont get whipped by the overseer.
The resting slave is going to get whipped if he
gets caught.
The overseer went into a store to find a slave
trying to run away. He also left his wagon to go
get a drink. Notice the slaves picture on the
wanted poster.
A slave is hiding in a Quakers house and an
overseer is looking for the runaway slave.
Quakers hid runaway slaves in their houses on
their journey north to freedom.
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There is a slave hiding behind a tree waiting to
go in the Quakers house, but he has to make sure
it is safe for him to enter. They often left a
lantern in a window to show the slave it was safe
to go inside, or the person would hang a quilt up
on the porch.
This is a picture of a railroad station with a
quilt that says to follow the drinking gourd to
the North or Pennsylvania. The sky also says to
follow the drinking gourd.
The Quaker farmers are pretending that these are
their slaves helping to haul corn across the
river to the market, but they are really helping
these slaves reach the other side where they will
become free persons.
This picture shows the reward a person gets if he
finds Harriet Tubman. Many slaves followed the
North Star so they knew they were heading north
to freedom.
The slave is trying to escape to freedom, so he
followed the drinking gourd. He is trying to see
if the quilt is out to see if its safe to come
in the Quakers house.
Once free, Harriet Tubman also served in the
Union Army during the Civil War as a nurse. She
is cleaning a soldiers war wounds. There are
flies buzzing around the soldiers wounds.

We hope you enjoyed our portrayal of Harriet
Tubman and the
problems encountered as she and others sought
their freedom. We learned a lot from the book
Freedom Train by Dorothy Sterling and our
in-depth research.
Banoak Elementary Schools Fifth Grade Classes
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