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The Big Green Day In CASTT Conference


The Big Green Day In. CASTT Conference. 29/02/2008. Starting The Investigative Report ... Present day. Fashionable. Topical. Recent. In progress. Newsworthy. Relevant ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Big Green Day In CASTT Conference

The Big Green Day InCASTT Conference
  • 29/02/2008

Starting The Investigative ReportBy Flora
  • HESS General (PAS)

The Investigative Report
  • What is the big deal?
  • It is worth 30 of your Year 12 Tourism score
  • What is it?
  • The IR is your major assessment piece for the

  • The assignments that your teacher sets for you
    are specific to your school.
  • But the IR is set and externally marked by SSABSA
    and is the same for everyone
  • The IR is a level playing ground for all tourism
    students in SA and NT.

The Investigative Report
  • This is your chance to chose something that you
    really want to do!
  • You get to choose your own issue and to plan and
    conduct your own investigation
  • It is your opportunity to shine and really pick
    up your grades!

What do you need to do?
  • You need to demonstrate your excellent
    understanding of tourism concepts
  • And somehow cover all of the course learning
    outcomes in one piece of work
  • You can find the 6 learning outcomes in the
    SSABSA syllabus

  • 4. investigate, examine, and evaluate important
    contemporary issues in tourism
  • 5. demonstrate skills in evaluating and
    communicating information about tourism through a
    variety of modes
  • 6. choose, evaluate, and apply the practical
    skills used in tourism.
  • identify and explain the diverse nature of
    tourists, tourism, and the tourism industry
  • critically analyse the strategies required for
    sustainable tourism
  • understand and explain the implications of
    cultural diversity for tourism

Plus there are rules!
  • Take the time to read the excerpt from the
    SSABSA Tourism Syllabus Statement
  • Look for the key words to highlight!

Key concepts about the IR
  • students are to undertake independent research
  • This means it has to be your own work
  • You will need to use lots of primary resources
  • Try to only use secondary resources to back up
    your findings

Key concepts about the IR
  • The research should be about a contemporary issue
    relevant to tourism
  • This means it has to be an existing and current
    or unresolved issue for the tourism industry

Key concepts about the IR
  • It should include
  • an introduction
  • headings
  • bullet points
  • graphs
  • photographs
  • maps
  • flowcharts
  • a conclusion
  • references
  • bibliography
  • Students should present their findings in an
    investigative report
  • This means it has to be in a correct and
    professional format

Things you need to know!
  • Choosing a good topic is critical!
  • Getting started early is vital!
  • Managing your time is essential!
  • Planning an effective investigative path and
    sticking to it is the key to success!
  • Put your biggest effort into primary research and
    then support this with secondary facts and

The SSABSA syllabus says
Brainstorm some tourism issues!
  • What have you seen on TV lately?
  • What have you heard people talking about?
  • What is happening in your local area?
  • What are the cover stories in your local
    newspaper and messenger press?
  • Have you listened to any talk back radio?

Choosing your research Topic
  • Up to date
  • Existing
  • Current
  • Modern
  • Present day
  • Fashionable
  • Topical
  • Recent
  • In progress
  • Newsworthy
  • Relevant
  • Your investigative report topic MUST be a
    contemporary issue.
  • So what does contemporary mean?

How do you know if it is a hot topic?
  • Because it is a current issue, it is something
    people are talking about
  • It is on the news or radio media
  • There are up to date internet articles
  • Experts with opinions are emerging in the

The best kind of contemporary issues are
  • Controversial
  • Debatable
  • Arguable
  • Litigious
  • Touchy
  • Divisive
  • Hot topics
  • Undecided
  • Notorious
  • Your investigation should come up with several
    different points of view
  • You need to draw your investigation to a
    conclusion that is meaningful and purposeful.

Keep it simple
  • Sometimes the most obvious choices close to home
    are the best!
  • Researching the impact of tourism on gorillas in
    Rwanda may be interesting BUT
  • Information about the dolphins of the Port River
    may prove even more relevant
  • Choosing a local topic means that you can access
    experts for interviews
  • People in your community when surveyed will know
    and care about the issue

Choosing a topic
  • Choose topics which hold interest for you
  • Have 3 or more in mind
  • Search broadly for information and see which
    topic produces the best finds
  • Dont spend too long at this stage

Whats your opinion?
  • Because is not yet evolved or resolved you have
    the opportunity to form a genuine opinion
  • You can get involved in making suggestions to say
    which way you think the problem should be solved

What do you already know about your local area?
  • Does your local council have any plans for new
    tourism developments?
  • Are there enough tourism activities and
    facilities for tourists?
  • Are there some environmental issues that need to
    be addressed?

Have you heard about tourism things happening in
your SA community?
  • The seven storey development planned for the
    Crown Hotel at Victor Harbor? Facelift or
  • The need for a new International standard stadium
    for Adelaide to attract bigger sporting events?
  • The millions of dollars being spent on the
    redevelopment of the Adelaide Showgrounds. Will
    it bring tourism?
  • A new marina being planned for Stansbury on Yorke
    Peninsula. What about the oyster beds?
  • Extra services planned for the Sea SA Ferry to
    Eyre Peninsula. How will it impact on tourism in
    places like Pt Lincoln?

And did you know about tourism issues impacting
your world?
  • The possible effects of global warming on tourism
    destinations around the world?
  • The potential impacts of an oil spill from cruise
    ships in the Antarctic?
  • Passengers getting exposed to toxic gas in planes
    who suffer strange illnesses after flights, plus
    flight crew developing early signs of dementia?
  • The amazing tourism developments in Dubai over
    the past 12 years including
  • Dubai World the largest theme park in the
  • the tallest building in the world
  • the largest resort in the world, and more
  • How much is too much tourism?

Who do you know?
There are lots of issues
  • Ask your family and older friends about issues
    that they are concerned about?
  • Do you know any recent travellers that have some
  • Do you know someone who works in tourism?
  • Do you know someone who has a hobby or special
    interest which is tourism related?

Make a list of SEVERAL issues
  • Start a term 1 SCATTERGUN SEARCH for all of the
    topics you have in mind
  • Keep a folder of news clips and notes
  • See what topic turns up the most info OR has the
    best leads
  • What really has gained your interest?
  • Dont get stuck on one thing too early
  • A good example was SARS which fizzled out before
    the due date of the assignment
  • Keep two or three topics on the back burner in
    case you change your mind!

Decide on an issue
  • Formulate the issue into a question that can be
  • Play with the words and write it in pencil
  • You might change the sentence/question several
  • Try to keep the word tourism or tourist in the
  • Keep the focus on tourism not the environment or
    the community

Look for the aspects of the issue
  • A good issue will have different aspects,
    arguments or points of view from different
    interest groups
  • What do the tourists think?
  • What do the tourism operators think?
  • What does the local community think?
  • What does the Government think?

Think about the conclusion early!
  • Predict the answer do you think your
    investigation will be able to answer this
  • There needs to be three identified possible
  • Try the traffic light approach!
  • STOP this tourism activity/development/event
    is not good for tourism because
  • WAIT - this tourism activity/development/event
    should go ahead with caution because
  • GO - this incident/activity/development/event
    benefits tourism because.

Time Management
  • Time is ticking away now!
  • You need to make a start today.
  • This year will be over before you know it!

Ask yourself some questions
  • What do you need to find out?
  • What do you need to analyse?
  • What tasks do you need to do?
  • What are the likely primary sources?
  • Which secondary sources would be useful?
  • How much time do you have?

Making a concept map
  • If you want to make a cake you need a recipe!
  • If you are going to build a house you need some
  • When you travel, if you want to get from here to
    anywhere else you need a map!
  • It keeps you on track and focused
  • It stops you wandering off on side paths
  • It speeds your way to the finished destination

Start with a big sheet of paper
  • Write your question in the middle of it
  • Draw some big bubbles around the question
  • Start thinking of related ideas that need to be

1. What kind of tourism activities happen in the
Port River?
Tourism Industry Aspect
4. What should be done about the problem? By whom
and why?
Tourist Aspect
  • Do tourism activities impact
  • on the Port River Dolphins?

Government Aspect
3. Are there currently any ecotourism controls
over tourism activities in the Port River?
2. What are the environmental consequences of
tourism activities for the dolphins?
Environmental Aspect
Sailing and power boats
dolphin cruise vessels
Educate the tourists through tours
Community Care
1. What kind of tourism activities happen in the
Port River?
A Dolphin Sanctuary
4. What should be done about the problem? By whom
and why?
Accredit industry operators
Canoes and Kayaks
Ban fishing and power boats
improve signage
Recreational fishing
  • Do tourism activities impact
  • on the Port River Dolphins?

Harassed and stressed dolphins
Local Govt
Injured dolphins
3. Are there currently any ecotourism controls
over tourism activities in the Port River?
2. Is this a problem for Dolphins who live in the
Port River?
Marine and Harbours
Shortened life span
National Parks
Have you thought of everything?
  • Try to make a concept map for your topic
  • Are there enough aspects?
  • Do the aspects link together in anyway?
  • Keep it handy and keep adding ideas to it
  • Is there an environmental issue?
  • Is there a cultural issue?
  • What do the tourists think?
  • What do the tourism operators think?
  • What does the local community think?
  • What does the Government think?

Think about the structure of your IRand your
word budgetand the best order of information to
achieve a logical flow
How does the whole investigation tie in to the
Make yourself a timeline
  • Write it up somewhere public
  • Like the fridge or the kitchen wall or your
    bedroom door
  • That will remind everyone including you, that you
    need to get things done.
  • Maybe someone will help provide transport to a
    field visit or let you out of the dishes for a
    night so you can focus on your work

Lets Get Started
  • You need to decide on a contemporary issue
  • a plan of action
  • and a time strategy
  • but it still wont happen until you get a pen to

Help is at hand!
  • Your teacher is your best guide!
  • The Tourism Essentials book has a lot more
    information and ideas. 20 today!
  • Adelaide Tuition Centre has seminars to help you
    in the school holidays

The book and the ATC seminars will tell you
  • More ideas for issues
  • How to write the introduction
  • How to write the Investigative Pathway
  • How to research the aspects
  • What to put in the conclusion
  • How to do references
  • How to keep to the word limit
  • And more!

  • Good luck
  • It is all up to you!
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