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Welcome to RRMS 0506


Our mission is to prepare our students for high school and beyond in ... Marie Alvarez(RRMS) and Golden Corral (District Volunteer) (04-05) SIT Parent Members 05-06 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to RRMS 0506

Welcome To River Road Middle School
Welcome to RRMS 05-06
  • Our mission is to prepare our students for high
    school and beyond in collaboration with home and
    community in a safe environment
  • Our focus this year is the academic growth of
    each student
  • Academically ABCs, AYP, 7th grade writing
    test, 8th grade computer competency tests
  • Behaviorally Discipline reports ,Peer mediation
    , guidance referrals

AYP Results 04-05 of Level IIIs and IVs
  • Reading Math
  • 6th-81.1 6th-90.3
  • 7th- 82.4 7th-74.9
  • 8th-89.7 8th-78.9
  • Target-76.7 Target-81.0

ABCs Results 04-05 Growth
  • Reading Math
  • 6th- 11 6th- 97
  • 7th- 95 7th-40
  • 8th-54 8th-44

How are you connected to the BIG picture?
Your Schools Test Scores
YOUR Grade Level EOG Scores
With your help, RRMS will be a School of
Distinction 2005-06
  • Algebra I in 8th grade selection process
  • Criteria 6th and 7th grade- 90 or above for
    yearly average
  • 6th grade EOG 278 dev. scale score
  • 7th grade EOG 277 dev. scale score
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Diagnostic test at end of 7th grade
  • Integrated Math at High School

6th Grade Same Gender Team
  • 4 member team
  • Core classes separated by boys and girls
  • Classes will be aimed to the gender
  • Electives will be co-ed
  • SIT decision to try for a year and then evaluate
    results based on data

Rocket Time
  • Differentiation /flex groups Math and
    Communication Skills based on EOG scores
  • Tutoring for Level I and IIs
  • Enrichment Level IIIs and IVs
  • Band students who need PE who are IIIs and IVs
  • Computer remediation for 8th graders-1st nine
  • Groups will change periodically
  • Homebase is AFTER Rocket Time 858-910
  • If you are late, you must be in the cafeteria
    and participate in the reading program until
    homebase time at 855.

Rocket Time 810 am -CLASS STARTS!!
  • Procedures for Entering School 745am- Bring
    your children no later than 800 am
  • Go to breakfast first (5 minutes)
  • Lockers Students go before entering class
  • Go to Rocket Time Class by 810am
  • Will be tardy if late-counts towards the 16 days
    late students go to the gym
  • Rocket Time will help your child grow
  • A grade (mastered /not mastered) will be given
    for Rocket Time

Homework Hotline info
  • You will receive a list of teachers homework
    hotline numbers.
  • Homework is posted and will be available after
  • Call or email teacher if info is not being posted
    in a timely manner.
  • If problem continues, notify the principal.

Independent Reading Program/ AR
  • All students read 3 AR books and take a test or
    do a structured book report that counts on
    Communication skills grade for 9 weeks
  • Level Is and IIs one book off the recommended
    list , plus 2 AR books in ZPD range
  • Level IIIs and IVs two books off recommended
    list, plus one AR book in ZPD range
  • Reading log folders kept in C.S. Classes and
    include STAR testing results part of
    parent/student conferences
  • There is a student request form for a book that
    is not on the recommended list.

Study Island Program
  • Study Island is a web-based tutorial program for
  • www.studyisland.com
  • Go to members login Carolyn Jennings
  • Use middle initial if 2 have same name
  • Password rrms (If you change it, write it in
    your agenda so you will know)
  • There is a profanity checker
  • Go to our webpage (www. ecpps.k12.nc.us/rrms)
    Hit resources button
  • This powerpoint will be located on website.

21st Century After School Tutoring
  • Keisha Dobie is the coordinator
  • Level I and II students are target group
  • Sign up
  • Times 310-600 Buses are provided
  • Your child will receive specific information

  • Walk on the green
  • Hand signal for time out (stop talking)
  • No graffiti anywhere / no gum
  • No eating or drinking except cafeteria
  • During instructional time, no phone calls to
    teachers or students will be transferred to
    classroom. May leave teacher a voice mail
    message. Students will be subject to disciplinary
    action who call home on cell phone during
    instructional day without permission.
  • Students leaving school early must be picked up
    before 230 pm.

Dress Codes
  • No hats, head coverings, sunglasses
  • No distracting makeup or body jewelry
  • No strange color hair (blue,etc.)
  • No halter tops, spaghetti straps, off-the
    shoulder tops, open backed shirts, suggestive or
    lewd writings on clothes
  • No bare midriffs, too short skirts or shorts
  • Guys- no sleeveless shirts ,pants secure at the
    waist , no underwear showing
  • See agenda for rest of the list

Procedures for Sick Children
  • New federal guidelines (HIPPA) privacy act
  • Removal of bed in nurses office / All visits to
    the nurse are now by appointment only
  • Student tells the nearest teacher that he is sick
  • Teacher sends the sick child to the office
  • Office personnel either make an appt with the
    nurse or call home if necessary
  • Sick students remain in guidance office until
    parent comes
  • Need 5 different emergency contact phone numbers
  • Multiple visits to the office could result in
    request for doctors documentation

Attendance Policy BOE Revised 5-05
  • Excused absences need an Absence Documentation
    form within a week (Will not be accepted after
    this time frame)-teacher gives to the student
    after absence in HB
  • Excused absences and OSS- make up work
  • 5 unexcused tardies or 5 unexcused early
    dismissals (any combination) 1 unexcused absence
  • More than 20 absences(ex. and/or unex.) will be
    subject to retention in that grade
  • Extended learning program will be held (4 hrs 1

Discipline Policy BOE Revised 5-05
  • Please read the handbook section of the student
  • More flexibility for administrators in of days
    suspended for an offense.
  • Law enforcement must be notified for specific
    violations now.
  • New Harassment and bullying board policy

Student Bill of Rights
  • Each student at RRMS has the right to
  • 1. Learn in a safe, friendly place
  • 2. Grow and learn without encountering harassment
    about race, gender, religion, disability, sexual
    preference or ethnicity
  • 3. Be free of harassment about appearance, dress,
    learning style, interests, or behaviors
  • 4. Receive the help of caring adults if any of
    the above rights are violated .

New School Lunch Prices
  • Breakfast Lunch
  • student 1.00 1.70
  • reduced . 30 .40
  • adult 1.50 2.75
  • Extra Milk .60 Ice Cream .60

RRMS Dog Tags Program
  • Positive Behavior / Incentive Program
  • All students receive Welcome to RRMS dog tag and
    either chain or bracelet in homebase when school
    starts with agenda.
  • Birthday dog tags
  • Perfect attendance, A Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll,
    Good Behavior (no referrals for nine weeks) ,
    sports , etc.

Join the Kid Talk A-Team
  • If you make the honor roll this year, send your
    picture and a clear copy of your report card to
  • Kid Talk A-Team
  • c/o WAVY_TV
  • 300 Wavy Street
  • Portsmouth, VA 23704
  • Your name and photo will be on tv on Kid Talk on
    Saturdays at 1130am on WAVY-TV 10. Put your name
    and address on back of the photo!

  • Clubs will be held the second Friday of each
    month (see agenda)- go to homebase first clubs
    from 825-910
  • Mr. Hayes is in charge of clubs
  • Parents please let Mrs. Houlroyd know if you can
    volunteer to help with a club
  • Assemblies we will try for one a month (4th
    Friday afternoon, preferably)

Volunteers at RRMSWe need your help.
  • Linda Houlroyd (secretary) is the volunteer
    coordinator and tracks hours of volunteerism- she
    has paperwork
  • Importance of tracking hours school recognition
    / RRMS Volunteer of Year/ District Volunteer of
  • Marie Alvarez(RRMS) and Golden Corral (District
    Volunteer) (04-05)

SIT Parent Members 05-06
  • Chelsea Raynor Whidbee
  • Angela Carver
  • Melanie Baker
  • Wayne Barclift
  • Leigh Austin
  • Angela Wills

Join the PTA
  • 5.00 Dues
  • Communicates with parents and school.
  • Helps with morale at RRMS
  • Funds computers, hardware, software, furniture
    (Technology for school is focus)
  • Funds 1000 for club expenses
  • BBQ Dinner Sept. 26 (330-600) Also mandatory
    interim report card pickup

RRMS PTA Officers
  • President Marie Alvarez
  • V. President Chelsea Raynor Whidbee
  • Treasurer Kim Cooper
  • Secretary- Janice Baker
  • Teacher Appreciation- Jo Heyder
  • Membership- Lisa Danneker
  • Reflections Deb Moncla

Athletic Boosters Board 05-06
  • President- James Norrell
  • V. President-Frank Cudequest
  • Treasurer Tracy Lawrence
  • Secretary Martha Cudequest
  • Fall fundraiser steak dinner
  • Spring fundraiser golf tournament
  • Meetings are 1st Thursday nights at 600pm in

The Cat Years
  • We love cats at RRMS.
  • We are glad to be sharing in your childs
  • Call us at 333-1454 or email
  • cjennings_at_ecpps.k12.nc.us
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