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Title: Social Connection Strategies For The 21st Century Classroom

Social Connection Strategies For The 21st Century
  • Keys, Locks, Deadbolts Social Bookmarking and

Howie DiBlasi Emerging Technologies Evangelist
Digital Journey www.toolsforth Presentation 2009
1. Explore the elements of Social
Networking, Bookmarking and Social Media and how
it integrates into your classroom.2. What it
is-how it works-and how to develop instructional
  • Goals Today

  • What Can Social Networking Do For Me?
  • What Can Social Bookmarking Do For Me?
  • What is Social Media?

There's something going on here that's hard to
explain.Bob Dylan Quote .. on a visit to
Israel in the early 1970s
American teenagers today are utilizing the
interactive capabilities of the Internet as they
create and share their own media creations.
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What Makes a Web 2.0 Application?
What was Web 1.0 ?
Web 2.0 What Is It Really?
  • Web 2.0 is about connections
  • The Web 2.0 revolution puts people first
  • Web 2.0 is about allowing people to manipulate
    data, not just retrieve data
  • Web 2.0 is about doing stuff on the Web that
    can't done in any other medium
  • Students as content creators

Rich User Experience
  • Easy to use
  • Build social networks
  • Rich user interface
  • Functions like a traditional application
  • User created data and owns their own data
  • Providing a service, not a product
  • Encourage user contribution (reviews, comments)
  • Make it easy to re-use and re-mix
  • Customer self-service Community and sense of

Professor Stephen Heppell talks about learning in
the 21st centuryhttp//
Professor Stephen Heppell talks about learning in
the 21st century
Why Social Networking?
  • . Besides establishing important social
    relationships, social networking members can
    share their interests with other likeminded
    members by joining groups and forums. Some
    networking can also help members find a job or
    establish business contacts.

Why Social Networking?
  • In addition to blogs and forums, members can
    express themselves by designing their profile
    page to reflect their personality. The most
    popular extra features include music and video
    sections. Members can read bios of their favorite
    music artists from the artist's profile page as
    well as listen to their favorite songs and watch
    music videos. The video section can include
    everything from membergenerated videos from
    hundreds of subjects to TV clips and movie

What to Look for in Social Networking
  • Profiles- The heart and soul are users personal
    profiles. Its like their own Internet sanctuary,
    a place where they can express their thoughts and
    feelings, post photographs and show off their
    network of friends. The most popular social
    network websites put a strong emphasis on the
    users profile, making it easy to use yet still
    reflective of the users personality.  
  • Security-  The Internet can be a dangerous place
    to post personal information. All social networks
    should provide the ability to set profiles to
    private in some way or another. Additionally they
    should have the ability to report and block
  • Networking Features A good social network goes
    above and beyond just allowing users to post
    profiles and update pictures. Additional features
    should include music sections, video uploads,
    groups and more.
  • Search- The object of a social network is to find
    friends and expand relationships. Top social
    networking websites allows members to search for
    other members in a safe and easy to use
    environment. Common search functions include
    search by name, city, school and email address.
  • Help/Support- Most social network sites are
    self-explanatory. However, in the off-chance a
    user needs help there needs to be some way to
    contact the webmaster or answers in an FAQs
  • Legitimate Friend Focus- The growing trend for
    social networks is to communicate and keep in
    touch with people you already know. No one wants
    to be inundated with unsolicited spam friend
    requests. The best social network sites keep
    profiles and search options private enough that
    the only people that can find you are the ones
    actually looking for users in their own school or
    neighborhood networks. Even with a completely
    public profile, users shouldnt be bothered with
    more than a couple of unsolicited comments or

What is Social Networking ?
  • What is it ?????

  • Today, I thought I'd follow up by sharing the
    sweet, funny, interesting results of a Twitter
    experiment. It's
  • Conference in Las Vegas. The topic was Web 2.0,
    with all of its free-speech, global-collaboration
  • So I flipped out of PowerPoint and typed this to
    my Twitter followers "I need a cure for
    hiccups... RIGHT NOW! Help?"

I hit Enter. I told the audience that we would
start getting replies in 15 seconds, but it
didn't even take that long
  • florian Put a cold spoon on your back \
  • pvd Put your head between your knees and swallow
  • bethbellor Packets of sugar.
  • michaeljoel drop a lit match in a glass of
    water to extinguish it. take out match. drink
  • rgalloway Have someone slowly softly count
    backwards from 10-1 in Russian for you. Works
    every time!
  • erlingmork Peanut butter on a spoon.
  • squealingrat With a popsicle stick or something
    clean, touch the little thing at the back of your
    throat. This causes the muscles to change.
  • JuanluR eat a full spoon of crushed ice.
  • tiffanyanderson Rub both of your ear lobes at
    the same time. Hiccups will go away.
  • DyingSun That is an amazing example of the
    power of Twitter! I wonder what was the crowd's
    reaction to that.
  • Good questions, dear Twitterers. And now you have
    the answers.

How One Teacher Uses Twitter in the
ClassroomWritten by Marshall Kirkpatrick /
  • Teachers are always trying to combat student
    apathy and University of Texas at Dallas History
    Professor, Monica Rankin, has found an
    interesting way to do it using Twitter in the

Rankin uses a weekly hashtag to organize
comments, questions and feedback posted by
students to Twitter during class
  • Rankin then projects a giant image of live Tweets
    in the front of the class for discussion and
    suggests that students refer back to the messages
    later when studying

It's also nice to hear a teacher talk about
technology and say, "it's going to be messy but
that doesn't mean bad." Welcome to the social
web, where that's a great attitude.
Dr. Rankin, professor of History at UT Dallas,
wanted to know how to reach more students and
involve more people in class discussions both in
and out of the classroom. She had heard of
Twitter... She collaborated with the UT Dallas,
Arts and Technology - Emerging Media and
Communications (EMAC) http//
faculty and as a Graduate student in EMAC I
assisted her in her experiment and documented it
for a digital video class with Professor Dean
Terry, _at_therefore, and a collaboration and
content creation course with Dan Langendor,
_at_dlangendorf.VIDEO HERE http//
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    studyisland.com926 AM Mar 27th from web
  • Don't forget Award's Ceremony today at 130!433
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  • Don't forget tonight is math night. Come join us
    for an hour of fun math activities. See you at
    7pm in Rooms 807 and 8081022 AM Mar 26th from
  • Math p. even numbers, flashcards, read 30 min.,
    study for reading test- Pepita Talks Twice.1021
    AM Mar 26th from web

  • A social network service focuses on building
    online communities of people who share interests
    and/or activities, or who are interested in
    exploring the interests and activities of others.
    Most social network services are web based and
    provide a variety of ways for users to interact,
    such as e-mail and instant messaging services.

Social Media Monitoring Tools 26 Free Online
Reputation Toolshttp//
  • Weve compiled a list of twenty six buzz
    monitoring tools that are free of charge. Use
    these tools to keep track of your company
    reputation or even spy on your competition! Take
    a look at if you need all-in-one
    social media monitoring tools.

1. Your Industry
  • you can track news that relates to your
    industry. Moreover and Yahoo are just a couple of
    resources that offer RSS feeds for aggregated
    industry news.

2. Mainstream Media News
  • Use Google News. Enter your company name, sort
    the results by date published and then subscribe
    to the RSS feed.

3. News Buzz
  • What if you just want to know about the news that
    becomes popular? Sites such as Digg and Reddit
    will let you search for submitted stories that
    match your company name. Subscribe to the
    resulting RSS feed and youll know about any
    story on Digg that mentions your companyor your
    biggest rival.

4. Social Media News
  • You can capitalize on positive buzz and put out
    any reputation fires by tracking social media.
    Technorati is one of the best options for
    tracking social media sites. Custom RSS feeds let
    you get quick updates on any blog that utters
    your company name.

5. Blog Posts
  • Chances are that it will get on Google Blog
    Search. Even if the blog isnt in Google news, or
    doesnt make the main Google index. Get alerts to
    matching stories via email or RSS.

  • Ning - This is definitely one to watch.

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  • Welcome to, the social network
    for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative
    technologies in education.We especially hope
    that those who are "beginners" will find this a
    supportive community and a comfortable place to
    start being part of the digital dialog.

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All Members (20,305)
  • Classroom 2.0 - This is where most of my
    networking beyond my regional area started for
    me. I joined this Ning network early this year
    and found that the sharing created richer
    opportunities to find out what was happening in
    our Read/Write Web. http//

Steve Hargadon
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday night (March 24th), at 5pm
    Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12midnight GMT, I'll be
    hosting a panel discussion on "Open Source
    Software in Education." We'll look at the current
    state and the future potential for Open Source to
    make a difference in educational environment. Log
    in by either visiting the page above or directly
    in Elluminate at https//

  • The focus of iConnect iLearn is to enhance the
    relationships while sharing of resources and
  • Goal of iConnect iLearn is to expand the
    framework to continually collaborate, network,
    learn, and share throughout the year.
  • iConnect - iLearn will build and expand the
    structure for collaborative planning and delivery
    of educational opportunities to meet the diverse
    needs of the charters throughout the state.
  • iConnect - iLearn is to be participant-driven.
    Participants are allowed to choose topics of
    interest and take control of their own learning
    and the connections being forged with other

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This network is for educators who are interested
in educational podcasting and transforming
learning with technology!
  • http//

All Members (603)
NEW 'Flat Classroom Projects' 2009-2010
  • http//
  • I want to share with you our plans for flat
    classroom projects and events over the next 12
    months. I encourage teachers to consider when
    they can embed a flat classroom experience into
    their curriculum. Also share this with colleagues
    within your schools. Flat classroom projects are
    cross-curricular and aim for cultural diversity.

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Yack Pack
  • Internet-based voice communication tool that
    works a lot like voicemail for the Web. Users
    define a "pack"--a group of individuals they want
    to communicate with--and then record messages for
    the group, an individual, or even a subset within
    the group using a standard computer microphone.
    When members of the pack log in, they can listen
    and respond to the messages.

  • a community of educators, learners and committed
    education experts who are working together to
    create quality materials that will benefit
    teachers and students around the world. An online
    environment with free distribution of world-class
    educational materials http//
    i/bin/view/Main/ Lesson plans, teaching
    activities, works

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  • Hello INTERACT Ambassadors!I am excited to
    begin our new online social network. Please use
    this site for all of our communications. Your
    ideas and imagination should make this site be
    and do everything we all want it to. As soon as
    this site is complete we will add new ambassadors
    in India ,Canada and Mexico.Let's all get into
    good habits. Be responsible, respectful and
    mindful that many people will be reading and
    looking at what you publish. Edit what you post
    and think about what you are putting out there in
    public! Choose your screen name wisely as it
    directly reflects who you are and how you will be
    representing yourself to your peers locally and
    around the world.I want you all to know that I
    am sincerely honored to be working with such a
    passionate and talented group of young people. I
    can't wait to see what we all do together!!Ms

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Global Ambassadors
Video Clip herehttp//
  • Student leaders at Eastview Middle School in
    White Plains, New York demonstrate the power of
    communities in action both locally and globally. 
    Students use a host of technologies to
    collaborate,communicate and become active global
    citizens. The Global Run, now in it's third pilot
    year, demonstrates the power of global
    communities in action as they learn together
    about global issues.

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The Teachers Life Nation
  • Hi Howie,I'm a founder cum chairperson of a
    school. I run this school for poor family
    children. It lies in Bhaktapur Nepal, land of mt.
    Everest.Shantideep Adarsh Vidhyasadan is one of
    the English Medium Schools established in 1998
    with 13 students in a backwarded countryside of
    Bhaktapur district of Nepal. The name of the
    village is Bageshwori (altitude approx. 1500
    metre). It lies in the eastern part of Bhaktapur
    district. It was established when the parents
    were not so aware of their children's education.
    We (school Management) had to struggle a lot to
    achieve the sympathy of the parents / villagers.
    They weren't convinced in the very beginning and
    didn't send their children to this school
    thinking that we can't run the school
    continuously for the long run. As a founder
    director, I tried my best to build up and uplift
    the situation of the school. By the end of that
    year, we were able to impress them showing the
    out put of our teaching techniques and
    methodologies. As a result the number of students
    reached 78 in the beginning of the second year.
    The number of students has been increasing
    gradually. Now we have 137 students. But we can't
    enroll all the new comers due to the
    infrastructural and financial problems. We hope
    we can fulfill the need and desire of our
    parents/ villagers (target groups) if your
    contribution on the infrastructural or/and
    academic sectors can be entertained.Hope you
    like to share your ideas for making school better
    and facilitating school children. Hope u'll add a
    brick in the process of bringing school age
    children to school and check drop out.If you
    like to chat with me and get more information u
    can get my skype address govinda.prasad.panthyhop
    e u like helping poor family children.

Retailer Best Buy internal social network gives
employees voice and management insights
  • Retailer Best Buy internal social network gives
    employees voice and management insights
  • http//
  • Gary Koelling and Steve Bendt were Best Buy
    advertising guys in search of better information
    about the customer experience. Their first stop
    was the blue shirt sales associates on the floor
    of Best Buy stores who interact with customers

Blue Shirt Nation
  • Blue Shirt Nation is the online social network of
    25,000 Best Buy employees that gather around the
    cyber water cooler. Every time I visit Best Buy
    HQ there are several new powerful
    internet-enabled initiatives to build communities
    and generate value. In the future Best Buy won't
    just be an electronics retailer. It will be a
    company that enables people to self-organize and
    co-innovate value.

What is Facebook ?
  • Facebook helps you connect and share with the
    people in your life.

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Comscore Facebook Hit 220 Million Worldwide
Uniques in DecemberJanuary 23rd ,2009 - Report
  • Most of Facebooks user growth, however, has been
    in international markets - Facebook has 36
    million monthly uniques, up from 23 million a
    year ago.
  • Facebook added 75 million monthly uniques over
    the last twelve month, but just 13 million of
    those visitors are located in the U.S. MySpace
    added 5 million U.S. uniques during that period -
    at this rate it will take 4 years for Facebook
    to catch up to MySpace in the U.S. market.

  • According to comScore, Facebook is the leading
    social networking site based on monthly unique
    visitors, having overtaken main competitor
    MySpace in April 2008.70 ComScore reports that
    Facebook attracted 132.1 million unique visitors
    in June 2008, compared to MySpace, which
    attracted 117.6 million.

LinkedIn strengthens and extends your existing
network of trusted contacts. LinkedIn is a
networking tool that helps you discover inside
connections to ...
  • Over 35 million professionals use LinkedIn to
    exchange information, ideas and opportunities

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The Global Education Collaborative
  • http//
  • This is a community for teachers and students
    interested in global education. Contribute by
    adding media, conversation, and collaborative
    project ideas. Make sure you post an intro in the

We hail from....
(No Transcript)
  • A message to all members of The Global Education
    Collaborative Our second meeting this weekend is
    starting now for those in other time zones. (10
    AM CST GMT-6) http//
    For a replay of yesterday's meeting, go to
    http// . Next month,
    we are going to focus our meetings on using video
    conferencing and chat! Thanks, Lucy Visit The
    Global Education Collaborative at

Social Bookmarking in the classroom?!
  • What is it?

List of social bookmarking sites
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//

20 Largest Social Bookmarking Sites  Posted
03/01/2009  eBizMBA
  • 1 digg.comCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 2 Yahoo! BuzzCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 3 Technorati.comCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 4 StumbleUpon.comCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 5 del.icio.usCompete Monthly Visitors
    325,000 -
  • 6 kaboodle.comCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 7 reddit.comCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 9 Propeller.comCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 10 Fark.comCompete Monthly Visitors
  • 11 newsvine.comCompete Monthly Visitors
    768,000 -

Social Bookmarking 101http//
SocialBookmarking101David S. Jakes, Community
High School District 99Downers Grove, IL  60516
  • I use and extensively.  The
    most important use of these tools for me is that
    I can build an online personal library related to
    my interests, that I can call upon when I need
    access to information.  That information, because
    it is located and organized into these two
    onlines sites, follows me-wherever I have a
    connection to the Web, I can connect to my
    personal information resources.  With the
    proliferation in handheld devices, this access is
    never more easy.

What Social Bookmarking Does for Students
  • When teachers have a collection of course sites
    as part of a social bookmark group
  • Gives students a live link to select instead of
    fumbling through typing a long URL into the
    address bar.
  • Lets students choose from a variety of acceptable
    links, making for productive research that still
    allows for variability.

Lesson Plans Ideashttp//
  • Social Bookmarks Lesson Plans
  • Submitted by Sue R., aka "Bookwyrmish"Level
    Intermediate or Middle School (depending on
    student experience).ObjectivesStudents will
    apply technology tools and peripherals to support
    personal productivity, group collaboration, and
    learning throughout the curriculum. Students
    will select and use appropriate tools and
    technology resources to accomplish a variety of
    tasks and solve problemsMaterials Internet
    access, a browser with plugin
    installed, a group account and group
    password, a research problem.

Whats Next for Social Bookmarking?
  • Social bookmarkingsharing lists of Web finds
    online to be accessed from anywhere, by
    anyonehas been a great tool for librarians to
    gather, organize, and disseminate the best of the
    Net. Though an improvement over storing such
    files on a computer, bookmarks stored online are
    still a digitized version of the classic print
    index or directory. Like so many reference tools,
    they are great for librarian use, but dont
    always work so well for our patrons or students.
    There is, however, a new breed of tools emerging
    that can provide a better end-user experience.

  • http//
  • This tool feels like it was custom designed for
    use by librarians with support for Web clipping
    text, organizing clips into folders, and
    publishing HTML or PDF reports of clips and
    notes. The tool works best through a lightweight
    toolbar that installs on either Firefox or
    Internet Explorer browsers. For schools that
    cannot download, an available bookmarklet
    provides full functionality with no installation
    required. The full toolbar adds additional tools
    such as a sidebar explorer that lets you quickly
    review saved annotations or place new research
    into folders. Reports are generated from the
    contents of one or more folders, so it would be
    best to create a new folder for each new question
    or project for easy publication. WebNotes is
    designed for research, and as such focuses on
    organizing text from sites. It does not offer
    clipping of images at this time.

For image clipping along with text, there are
other options such as the popular and powerful
Evernote or the newer Thumbtack from Microsoft.
Both of these sites are built around a page
layout onto which clips of text and/or images are
placed a feature that is certainly slick, but
also more confusing than the simple WebNotes
interface. Evernote and Thumbtack publish
collections of clips to a site, but only Evernote
has a printable format like WebNotes.
StumbleUpon http//
  • StumbleUpon helps you discover great websites
  • Whether it's a web page, photo or video, our
    personalized recommendation engine learns what
    you like, and brings you more.

Recommended Sites from 7,327,087 members
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e-Pals Projects
  • ePals The home for meaningful learning through
    global collaboration
  • Safe and Protected E-mailSecure,
  • Award Winning Blogging
  • TechnologyConnections with other classrooms
  • Collaborative Projects Language Practice
  • Robust Tools and Learning Resources for Schools
    and Districts

Classroom Matchhttp//
e-Pals Language and Learning Portal
  • You can find a classroom in several ways
  • Find a classroom by searching on a topic or
  • Find a classroom using maps.
  • See all the new classrooms that have joined
  • There are many more options in our advanced
  • When you find a match, click the "Contact" link.

E-mail from a teacher
  • Howie,
  • Thank you for keeping in touch. I have to share
    one thing that I have done this week. Out of all
    of the suggestions you shared last week I was
    most intrigued with the ePals program.  I
    immediately registered and posted a profile. I
    literally got goosebumps when I sent my first
    international email-----which was to Greece. Over
    the last few days I have heard back from schools
    in Japan, Germany, and Colombia.  I cannot even
    begin to tell you how excited my students are
    about this project! Thank you for telling me
    about it.  I will share more projects as we go.
    Beth Still

  • Ning - As I wrote recently, I think this is
    definitely one to watch. Launched too recently to
    include right now.
  • http//

  • - This social bookmarking engine
    serves a very basic function (online
    bookmarking), but it connects people to websites

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Exploring Social Media Social Media Tools
  • Social media are works of user-created video,
    audio, text or multimedia that are published and
    shared in a social environment, such as a blog,
    wiki or video hosting

Voice Thread
  • 2) Bloglines - This is my aggregator of choice
    still, despite trying many others. While Google
    Reader may be newer and shinier, its still
    missing one feature that I deem to be important
    in the world of Web 2.0, and thats the ability
    to connect people together. With Bloglines, you
    can see who else has subscribed to a blog you are
    a fan of, and follow the trail along to see what
    they read as well. I find it invaluable to be
    able to see what people like Will Richardson and
    Bernie Dodge are reading, which really sets
    Bloglines apart.

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Pageflakes http//
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
why animoto?
Memories On the Web
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My Top 5 Social Media Tools
  • http//
  • http//

  • http//

Top 5 Social Media Tools
  • The meme is what are your top 5 social media
    tools? Im assuming that this really refers to
    any social software.
  • In order of importance/frequency of use
  • Facebook
  • Newsgator
  • Wordpress
  • Meebo
  • Flickr

  • Bloglines - Aggregator of choice. Ability to
    connect people together.Se what people like Will
    Richardson and Bernie Dodge are reading, which
    really sets Bloglines apart. http//www.bloglines

Largest Social Bookmarking Sites March 2009
2 Yahoo! Buzz
  • 1
  • 2 Yahoo! Buzz
  • 3

  • 4
  • 5

Top 100 Tools for Learning
Social networking in the classroom?!
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