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The Holy Quran


Huroof e Muqatte (The letters that are broken) Short Stories in Quran. Ethics in Quran ... Short Stories in Quran. Quran just hints the incidences of the past ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran
  • How was it revealed and collected
  • and compiled
  • Ali Azhar Arastu

  • Introduction
  • Revelation and its kinds
  • Revealed and recorded
  • Surahs, Makki and Madani and their
  • Compilers of the Holy Quran
  • Qiraats
  • Mohkamat (definitive) and Mutashabihat (ambiguos)
  • Huroof e Muqatte (The letters that are broken)
  • Short Stories in Quran
  • Ethics in Quran
  • The Miracle

  • Book that brings light
  • Not the only heavenly book, but its unique
  • Literary Masterpiece
  • Challenge of Allah (swt) (Surah Isra 1788)
  • Other names of Quran

Revelation and its kinds
  • Revelation
  • Revelation on the heart
  • Revelation through sound or sign
  • Revelation through Angels

Revealed and recorded
  • The first 5 Ayats revealed on 27th Rajab
  • Period of 23 years
  • The first one to record in Mecca was Ali (as)
  • The first one to record in Medina was Zaid
  • The others who recorded
  • Where were they recorded?
  • After recording what?
  • Memorize
  • How did they know when a Surah ended?
  • Bismillah, why was it omitted in Surah Tauba?

Surahs , Makki and Madani
  • Surah, its definition
  • Two Kinds of Surahs
  • Makki Surahs and Madani Surahs
  • Special characteristics of Makki and Madani
  • The sequence of Surahs
  • The names of the Surahs
  • Some Surahs have more than one name
  • - Surah Tauba is also called Baraat
  • - Surah Naml is also called Suleiman

Compilers of the Holy Quran
  • Ali (as) compiles it first after the demise of
    the holy Prophet (sawa)
  • Zaid was asked to do it
  • Others who did it too
  • Quran standardized in the reign of the 3rd caliph
  • No difference in the Quran compiled by Imam Ali
    and the Quran we have today
  • Imam Ali (as) and other Imams authenticate the

  • Minor problems in the standardized version
  • - Letters without dots
  • - No vowels
  • - No Alifs inside the word
  • Only educated Arabs could read
  • Causes differences in Qiraats
  • 7 different Qiraats
  • Most of the muslim world follows Hafs now
  • Hafs student of Aasim

Mohkamat (definitive) and Mutashabihat (ambiguos)
  • Surah Aale Imran Ayat 7
  • Mohkamat (definitive) verses
  • Mutashabihat (Metaphorical) verses
  • - Hands of Allah (swt)
  • Definitive verses explained in Tafseer
  • Metaphorical verses paraphrased/Taweel

Huroof e Muqatte (Alif Lam Mim)
  • The letters that are used in beginning of some
  • 29 Surahs that start with these letters..
  • What are these letters? What do they mean?
  • There are 3 opinions
  • - Only Allah (swt) knows
  • - Only Allah (swt), His Prophet(S) and Imams
    (AS) know
  • - To show that Quran is written by simple

Short Stories in Quran
  • Quran just hints the incidences of the past
  • No details, it is not a history book
  • Has no fiction
  • Stories to wake the sleeping ones
  • Stories to prove that it is a heavenly book
  • All the Prophets had the same mission
  • Roots of all the religions are the same
  • Stories show the fate of non believers
  • Stories boosted the morale of the prophet (S)

Ethics in Quran
  • Always Respond to a Greeting with a better
  • Do not be Arrogant or Proud (3118)
  • Be Humble and Speak softly (3119)
  • Invite to God with Wisdom and Kindness (16125)
  • Be Kind to Your Parents (1723,24)
  • Suppress Anger and Forgive People (3133,134)
  • Counter Evil with Good (4134) (1322)
  • Do not say Bad Things (1426)
  • Do not insult the Idolaters (6108)
  • Do not make Fun of Others, or call Them Names
  • Do not be Suspicious, or Spy on One Another, or
    Backbite (4912)
  • Do not be Racist (4913)

The Miracle
  • Literary masterpiece
  • A book 1400 yrs old has things that science is
    now discovering
  • Quran challenges the mankind
  • To produce one surah like it
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