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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Microserfs, fiction by Douglas Coupland in Wired magazin

Microsoft Wins Everything
  • David Strom
  • david_at_strom.com
  • SS2 6 May 1998

When did you last meet Bill Gates?
  • My own stories EMA keynote, PC Forum 91
  • The ultimate story for us all
  • My own background as editor, consultant, writer

  • Microsoft-related humor
  • Pundits predictions for the future
  • Examine actual technologies and why they win
  • Links can be found at strom.com/pubwork/mswins.htm

Some perspective from around the industry
  • Microsoft is both feared and appreciated
  • More coverage than any other vendor
  • Helps to have WRM as CEO
  • Site of active legislative intervention (see
    remedies paper)

Gates certainly gets lots of attention
  • Net worth counter
  • Just in case you dont have enough Gates.pix

Todays strategy for entrepreneurs
  • Start Internet-related company with venture
  • Try to get first product marketing plan formed
  • Get Microsoft to purchase 10-30 stake in
    company, or...
  • Sell out to Microsoft for at least 20MM.

Best Microsoft-related literary efforts
  • Microserfs, fiction by Douglas Coupland in Wired
  • www.wired.com/wired/2.01/features/microserfs.html
  • www.wired.com/wired/3.07/departments/electrosphere

Web sites Microsoft would rather you didnt visit
  • Yamoo index at www.tou.com/host/antims/yamoo.html
  • Ralph Naders 11/97 conference at
  • Palladium Interactives Microshaft WinBlows98
    at www.winblows.com
  • Zero MicroSoftware at micros0ft.paranoia.com
  • More humor at www.algonet.se/elite/noms/nomspage.

Top Ten Signs That Linux Has Bill Gates Worried
  • 10 - New numbering scheme. Instead of
    Windows95, it is now Windows 3.1.pl95.
  • 4 - Flowers sent to Janet Reno with a note
    saying "What's a little anti-trust between
    friends. -- from Brian Lantz, 3/95

Another Top Ten Planned Improvements at MSNBC-TV
  • 10 - CNBC will include a new section -
    "Microsoft Upgrades Available This Week".
  • 7 - New voice-over "You're Watching MSNBC,
    version 1.5, release F"
  • 2 - All graphs showing the economy improving
    should be done using Microsoft Excel.

Some suggested Microsoft slogans
  • Does Microsoft mean "small and limp"?
  • Error Loading Windows (A)bort (R)etry (B)oot

Microsoft acquires rumors cover the waterfront
  • LDS Church, Catholic Church (and issues a denial
    thanks to Rush Limbaugh)
  • symbol, 1995, Christmas
  • England, USA, DOJ, Philadelphia Mint, even

Microsoft and software bugs have a long history
  • Headline in PC Week (1986) Microsoft is Fixing
    Bugs in QuickBASIC 2.0
  • Headline this week in Bugnet
  • Front Page will erase your hard disk!

What else was going on in 1986?
  • 2400 bps internal modems from Hayes 800
  • 80386 PC 18 Mhz clones with 512 k bytes of RAM
    for 4500
  • Microsoft selling Windows 1.03, Word 3.1
  • 3Com's 3servers cost 6000 and came with 70
    megabyte disks!

Lets go to the way-back machine
  • Gates on first OS/2 Magazine cover (1990)
  • Didnt take them long to become Windows and OS/2
    Magazine (1991)
  • First Windows 3 ad in 1986
  • Microsoft ads in first PC World issue (1983)
    Multiplan, Flight Simulator
  • Gates interview in first PC magazine (1982)

OS/2 Magazine (1990)
First Windows 3 ad (1986)
Multiplan ad (1983)
What Gates looked like in 1982
One vision of the future After Microsoft
  • by Bob Jacobson at SRI, 4/98
  • Five BabySofts companies, separate applications
    from OS
  • Credibility blown when I read Now that Windows
    is no longer a de facto standard

Insiders myth
  • Microsoft's applications programmers see these
    files long before everyone else, are permitted to
    distribute them first, and are the only ones who
    know what the code does. -- Ralph Nader, in an
    USA Today editorial (1/98)
  • Then why are there so many bugs in Microsoft
  • Why are there so many different versions of
    system .DLLs?

Another very plausible future (2000)
  • AY2K-related bug keeps Microsoft-owned CBS down
    for 18 days, forcing the network to transfer
    broadcast of the Super Bowl to NBC. -- Jimmy
    Guterman, writing what he predicts will happen to
    Microsoft in January 2000 in his Chicago Tribune
    column, 7/97.

Things Gates probably wouldnt say today
  • 640K ought to be enough for anybody." (1981)
  • If you don't know what you need Windows NT for,
    you don't need it."
  • "I believe OS/2 is destined to be the most
    important operating system, and possibly program,
    of all time.
  • There is nothing in this industry that Windows
    3.0 isnt going to change. (1990)

And myself!
  • But let's call a spade a spade the coming
    convergence will be less animated spreadsheets
    and more animated entertainment. Time Warner,
    Spielberg, and others will benefit. ATT and
    Microsoft won't. -- my own Infoworld column,
  • 15 of my Web Informant columns cover Microsoft
    products and issues!!

Quaint words of wisdom from Network Computing
  • It appears that consistency with upcoming
    versions of Windows will define these multimedia
    and object-oriented standards.
  • Installing and running Windows 3.0 on networks
    should be easier.
  • The idea that PC-based tools should take
    over functions now performed in the glass house
    is unsound.

Now how about that hard disk scanning software?
  • Microsoft hopes to get a vig or brokers fee
    on every Internet transaction that employs
    MS-tools. -- Nathan Myhrvold, quoted by Neil
    Hickey in the Columbia Journalism Review, 11/97

More from Myhrvold
  • My personal position is that we'd be better-off
    without software patents.
  • He is real motivated, this is why
  • We've paid hundreds of millions of dollars on
    patent claims that, in my opinion, are bogus.
    -- quoted in PC Magazine, 9/97

No, James Clark doesnt take Microsoft personally
  • Microsoft is fundamentally an evil company. --
    CJR, 11/97
  • Maybe he was reading Stale (www.stale.com)

General George Patton could be a Microsoft
  • I have studied the enemy all my life. I know
    exactly how he will react under any given set of
    circumstances. And he hasnt the slightest idea
    of what Im going to do. So when the time comes,
    Im going to whip the hell out of him. (From
    Forbes magazine, 4/98)

And there is even Microsoft bathroom humor
Lets talk technology
  • Competing with Microsoft
  • Winners and losers
  • Internet timeline, acquisitions
  • News from the public relations front
  • Microsofts final frontier

Where are they now?
  • Loser
  • Digital Research DOS
  • Novell Netware
  • Stac compression
  • Word Perfect
  • Spyglass Mosaic
  • Central Point utilities
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • TopView, OS/2
  • Microsoft Winner
  • MS DOS, Win32
  • NT
  • Part of Windows
  • Word
  • IE/Part of Windows
  • Part of Windows
  • Excel
  • Windows OS

A few have gone the distance
  • Winners
  • Intuit Quicken
  • Citrix
  • America Online
  • Microsoft products
  • MS Money
  • Hydra/Terminal Serv
  • MS Network

How they win developer relations!
  • Office provides easy upsizing capability to move
    from Excel to Access, from wizards to Visual
    Basic programs. As trite as it sounds, suites
    such as Office Professional can empower the user
    and developer to grow. -- Kevin Boynton

Microsoft understands developers
  • What tools they need
  • How they think
  • What sodas they drink
  • What snacks they eat
  • What games they need to play when not coding

How they win (2) bundling!
  • NT Server with SP3
  • SQL Server with SP3
  • IIS v3
  • Proxy Server
  • FrontPage 97
  • Exchange Server with SP1
  • Outlook 97
  • all for 2000, 25-user version Small Business

Other products that didnt make it
  • Microsoft at Work run Windows on your fax
  • BOB!
  • Microsoft Network (LAN OS), then Lan Manager
  • SQL Server database server
  • Active X remember the exploder?

Microsofts Internet timeline
  • 1/93 NCSA Mosaic 1.0 released
  • 4/94 Netscape founded, MS hold first Internet
  • 9/94 Netscape 1.0 released
  • 12/94 MS licenses Spyglass Mosaic for IE
  • 11/95 IE 2.0 released
  • 12/95 MS finally has Internet strategy
  • 5/96 IE 3.0 released
  • 10/97 IE 4.0 released

Name your price
  • 1995 Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Netwise
  • 1996 Vermeer (80MM), Aspect Software
    Engineering, Colusa Software, Eshop, Resnova,
    Netcarta (20MM)
  • 1997Hotmail, Vxtreme (75MM), Linkage Software,
    Cooper Peters (20MM), Dimension X, WebTV
    (425MM), Intersé
  • 1998 Firefly
  • ... And this is just Internet-related companies!

How they win (3) Just look at these numbers
  • Cost of good sold MS 10, Novell 25 of revenues
  • Sales and marketing MS 29, Netscape 51
  • RD MS 17, Novell 28
  • Operating income MS 38, Adobe 22, Netscape -2
  • Revenues MS 11.4B, Novell 1.0, Netscape .5,
    Adobe 0.9 (from Jeff Tarters SoftLetter)

With friends like these...
  • The hulking hubris that is Microsoft. I might
    not be able to abandon Windows, but Id sure like
    to. -- Pete Wohlken, letter to Infoworld editor,
  • Microsoft is committed to open standards --
    when all else fails -- Dave Molta, suggesting
    Microsofts corporate motto in a Network
    Computing column, 4/98

My open standards scorecard
  • The REAL Standard
  • Suns Java
  • Everyones TCP/IP
  • Web browsers
  • Web servers
  • DMI
  • SMTP
  • ODBC
  • The Microsoft Way
  • Microsoft WinJava
  • Built-in to Win32
  • Built-in to Win98
  • FrontPage extensions
  • nothing yet
  • Exchange

How they win (4) Everything Windows
  • What cross-platform really means to Microsoft
  • Eventually, everything becomes part of the
    operating system
  • Include interfaces initially for features
  • Then extract performance
  • Case in point Java support. It just works better.

Bloody battles of our not-so-recent techno past
  • VHS vs. Beta videos
  • QWERTY vs. Dvorak keyboards
  • RJ11 vs. everything else for phone connectors
  • Ethernet vs. Token Ring
  • Whether to bundle Windows with every new PC

Who is left on the battlefield?
  • Sun
  • Oracle
  • Cisco
  • (not exactly household names)

How they win (5) Public Relations!
  • The latest on CarPoint is a new home page and
    site layout. Based on extensive usability
    testing(1), we found that users have trouble
    finding the info they want quickly using sites
    that have hierarchical layouts and home pages
    with too many links. Consequently, CarPoint now
    has a more task oriented design(2). People are
    coming to CarPoint to research and buy vehicles
    so we've streamlined the home page(3) to these
    two popular areas within CarPoint. The New
    CarPoint user interface puts everything 1 or 2
    clicks away(4) from the home page. As a result,
    users are now finding exactly what they are
    looking for, quickly(5). The majority of Internet
    sites today still(6) have a home page and site
    layout like the old CarPoint.
  • -- (actual email from Wayne Phillips at
    Shandwick, one of MS many PR firms)

Anatomy of a good PR pitch
  • 1. Weve done research to prove it!
  • 2. Buzzwords meaning good stuff!
  • 3. Gives impression of advanced web technologies
  • 4. Gives further impression of 3
  • 5.Benefits to users realized!
  • 6.Trash the competition

Microsoft PR tactics
  • Have many firms working for them, few internal
  • Dont (usually) drop the ball
  • Know the editor and what s/he wants to know and
    when they need it
  • Know the competition, or at least make them sound
  • Sell concepts, advantages, benefits, and

But sometimes they drive me nuts
  • Like the Stepford wives or the Borg, all MS PR
    communicate as one collective mind
  • Often tend to confuse future and present tenses
  • Give new meaning to being responsive and thorough
  • Anatomy of the shifting sands on NDS/NT (Web
    Informant 98)

And what software do we use?
  • All computer trade press use Word now (Xywrite?)
  • Presentations such as these done in PowerPoint
  • But there is hope Lotus Notes!

So who is really the competition?
  • Desktop OS Linux? Mac? Java NCs?
  • Desktop applications Lotus? Corel?
  • Browsers Netscape? Opera?
  • Web servers Netscape? Apache?
  • Entertainment...

Entertainment the final frontier
  • CarPoint (cars)
  • Expedia (travel)
  • Investor (stocks)
  • Corbis (stock photos)

Lets review
  • Superior technology and developer relations
  • Bundling strategy for software and desktop PCs
  • Buys everyone in sight
  • Better run company by the numbers
  • Desktop OS monopolist
  • Superior PR tactics

Microsoft hasnt won everything yet
  • MSNBC-TV (7/96) with 38 million potential homes,
    but 30,000 viewers (.1 )
  • Slate with 45,000 readers vs. National Review or
    others with millions
  • Sidewalk (lame culture guides)
  • MSFDC for bill presentment stalled behind other
    efforts by IBM, Checkfree
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