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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Elliott eOrders.Net

Elliott eOrders.Net
  • Edward M. Kwang, President
  • Rachel R. Locklair, Project Lead

Standard Elliott Internet Solutions
  • eStore.NET
  • Yahoo Store Integration
  • eOrders.NET
  • Resellers Near You Search

Elliott eStore.NET
  • Designed as a shopping cart solution for
  • Consumers (B2C)
  • Business Customers (B2B)
  • It is the standard Elliott E-Commerce Solution
  • Use Elliott eContact Database to login

Yahoo Store Integration
  • Uses Yahoo Store as the standard shopping cart
  • Pro
  • Yahoo Store Offers More Flexibility for Web page
  • Yahoo can also promote your product with a fee
  • Con
  • You need to pay additional hosting and trx fee
  • There are more efforts for you to maintain the
  • Elliott Integration Offers the Following
  • Live Elliott Inventory Information
  • Live Sales Order Delivery to Elliott

Elliott eOrders.NET
  • User Interface is similar to eStore.NET
  • Intended for internal users
  • Sales Reps (Mfg. Reps)
  • Remote Office
  • Use Elliott User Id to Login

Resellers Near You Search
  • Based on your live Elliott customer database
  • Offer consumers a way to search your resellers in
    their area by using zip code
  • This is more a marketing solution because the
    benefit is indirect

The Big Picture
Your Web Site
Elliott Data Web Services
  • Web Services
  • Most likely, this will reside on your Elliott DB
  • Your Web Sites
  • This is eStore, eOrders, Yahoo Store Integration
    or Resellers near You
  • You dont need to host it
  • Therefore, you dont need to buy it
  • Just pay NETcellent a monthly hosting fee
  • If you host web sites
  • You buy solutions, then you own it
  • No hosting fee

Elliott Internet Solutions Requirements
  • Elliott V7.2
  • Elliott Web Services
  • PSQL 8 Internet Connector License
  • If you are not on PSQL 8, then you need to
  • Windows 2000 or 2003 Server
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • DSL (upload speed at least 256K)
  • Fractional T1
  • T1
  • At least one static IP address
  • Firewall (recommended)

Demo eStore.Net for B2B
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • Allows your Elliott customers to purchase through
    the web site.
  • Uses pre-setup eContacts to login
  • Easy to setup web items in Elliott
  • Different prices by using price codes
  • eStore.Net can be used for B2C as well
  • Can use credit card payments

Demo Yahoo Stores Integration
  • Yahoo Stores offer more flexibility on
    controlling the look and feel of your site.
  • Yahoo can promote your products
  • In return, they charge a transaction fee
  • Integration with Elliott
  • Real Time Inventory Quantity Info
  • Real Time Order Delivery

Demo eOrders.NET
  • Login as Elliott User
  • Search Customers
  • Customer Account Inquiry
  • Order/Invoice Inquiry
  • Search Items
  • Place Orders

Demo Resellers Near You
  • Based on your live Elliott Customer Database
  • When setting up, you can choose to search the
    customer file, ship to file or both.

Day to Day Operation
  • Your Day to Day Website Operation is right inside
  • Receive Orders from Web Site directly (no
  • Users see live orders, stock and pricing
    information on the web site.
  • Setting up items, image links, item notes
  • Update Shipping Date (optional)
  • Print Pick Ticket (indicate processing status)
  • Process Shipping Manifest (Starship)
  • Sending Shipping Confirmation Email

ASP Model vs. Purchase
  • ASP (Application Service Provider)
  • It means Netcellent will host it for you
  • You dont need to worry the hassle with hosting.
  • Since you dont own the product, you do not need
    to purchase it, you just pay a monthly hosting
  • Support is included in the monthly hosting fee.
  • When solution is updated, you web site get the
    updated too.
  • Purchase (For In-House Hosting)
  • Since you own the product, there is no monthly
    hosting fee to pay.
  • As long as you are on maintenance, updated
    solution are available to you free when they are
  • Maintenance also qualify you for support.

Internet Solutions Pricing
Prerequisite for Elliott Internet Solutions
  • Web Services
  • 3,995 15 Maintenance fee
  • PSQL 8 Internet Connector License
  • 2,495
  • Unlimited Internet users
  • You get 6 more PSQL local users

Implementation Services
  • The implementation services fee varies case by
    case (typically quoted as a fixed price 3,500)
  • Install and Configuring Web Services,
  • .NET framework installation,
  • Firewall,
  • eStore.Net Configuration,
  • Training,
  • DNS, SSL coordination.
  • Basically all the services you need to get an
    Elliott Internet solution up and running other
    than customize your website.

Whats the Bottom Line for Implementing One
  • ASP Model (Netcellent Host It)
  • About 10K startup cost, this includes
  • 200/Monthly Fee (Including Hosting)
  • Purchasing Model (You Host It)
  • About 15K startup cost, this includes
  • The price here includes
  • Your 1st Elliott Internet solution
  • Prerequisite software
  • Implementation services

Implementing the 2nd Solution
  • ASP Model
  • 100 - 200 per month
  • Implementation Services
  • Purchase
  • 1,995 - 3,995
  • 15 Maintenance Fee
  • Implementation Services
  • You dont need to pay the pre-requisite again

Customized Solutions
  • Customization Available
  • Check some of our custom web sites
  • http//www.galleryofguns.com
  • http//www.lipseys.com
  • http//www.charlesdaly.com
  • These are sites that integrate with Elliott back
    end database.

Talked to Netcellent First
  • If you are thinking of designing a web site.
  • Talk to Netcellent First
  • Because we are the one company that can integrate
    your Elliott data with the Internet.

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