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Fast Times at Real World High


Interesting (For how long?) Challenging, Competitive and Creative ... Looking for a venue to demonstrate their leadership. Looking for just one adult to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fast Times at Real World High

Fast Times at Real World High
  • New Learnings about High School After-School

Vision of the High School Program
  • Start off by saying what the program Must NOT
    look like
  • Not a top-down program dictated by NCLB
  • Not a gadget program (Middle School)
  • Not a program focused on The Test
  • Not a program focused on Weaknesses or Deficits
  • Not a program driven by staff
  • Not intended to be a Model Program Unrealistic
    and Unfair
  • If youve seen one high school program

So, What would the program look like?
  • Interest-Driven
  • Have a ground-up approach a partnership between
    students, faculty and parents.
  • Hybrid of traditions and new ways of thinking
  • Talent and Strength focused
  • Program that would provide a service Find a
    need, fill the need
  • Program that would have many parts Share the
    different components of the program, not the
    program as a whole

Think R.I.C.E!!
  • Relevant
  • Interesting (For how long?)
  • Challenging, Competitive and Creative
  • Engaging Are students actually doing something?

The Divine of High School Programs
  • The programs cool, when its Part of the School
  • More interested Groups, but less troops
  • It would be great, if the teachers just
  • Go the Lengths to make public our Strengths
  • Trust us-- to go and learn Off Campus
  • Some will come, when Service needs to be done
  • Its totally fine, if students stay for a Limited
  • Treat us NOT as a cult, but as Start-Up Adults
  • The programs a hit, when students get Immediate

Being a Part of the School
  • Invaluable to have a FT staff member working in
    the school PT is nice as well
  • After School Staff working in the school, not the
    other way around
  • AS Staff should have Key Responsibilities in the
    school - Part of the Principals Cabinet
  • Seamless

Social Groups
  • HS students have more specialized interests thus
    creating more groups
  • Opposite of Middle School Programs
  • More committed and less fickle stick it out
  • Easier for HS students to recruit friends and
  • Critical mass is about 8-12 students

Student Driven, Staff Facilitated
  • Upper grades want more control
  • Students are very capable and responsible
  • Students are very willing to take on suggestions
    from advisors or adults
  • Students will seek help often
  • Students have the capacity to rally adults,
    volunteers and experts

Strength-Based Program
  • Disciples of Asset Development
  • Students want to develop their talents
  • They also want to showcase it
  • How far can I go with my passion and talents?

Getting Students Off-Campus
  • Mobile
  • Mature (if just in age)
  • Community Classroom
  • Desire for exploration
  • Research (or new found freedom)
  • Adults still needed to be responsible and
    informed cell phones

Leadership and Service
  • Our kids are not the future
  • Amazing commitment to be the solution or to find
  • Looking for a venue to demonstrate their
  • Looking for just one adult to validate their
  • Benefits them on many different levels

Limited Time in the Program
  • One, fun and done We have to be OK with that
  • For many, it is only a finite amount of time
  • It is less about seat time and more about
    service and need the Club Mentality
  • Volume is created by cycling more students
    through the program

Start-Up Adults
  • Term created by Mel Levine
  • HS students want to know what its like to be a
    part of the adult club
  • Important to experience small successes
  • More important to handle challenges and failures
  • After-school is a safe venue
  • Does not hurt your grade
  • Reward/risk benefit is favorable because its

Immediate Benefits
  • Warning! Must Balance Short-Term Views with Long
    Term Outlooks
  • ABCs Adult Benefit/Compensation
  • Fun and experiences are important, but not enough
  • College
  • Graduation
  • Job/Trade
  • Status

What Have We Created?
  • Internship Program Support (school)
  • Sports
  • Service Learning with Civic Engagement
  • Cultural Clubs
  • Dances
  • Fundraising LAN Parties (school)
  • Media News (School)
  • Jobs
  • Work-out Clubs
  • Test prep courses
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Camping Trips
  • Self-Defense
  • Gay/Straight Alliance (school)
  • Tutoring
  • Youth Program Cabinet

Unique Program Strategies
  • Students create, market, recruit and hire for the
  • Students create the budget and timeline
  • Students are formally trained to present and to
    submit proposals

Program Evolution
  • Compartmentalized Program
  • Academic/College
  • Physical/Sports
  • Career
  • Leadership/Civic Engagement
  • Interest/Gap/Events
  • After-School Staff and Teaching Faculty would be
    responsible for these strands

The Truth
  • Program Evolution required our after-school staff
    to become after school BROKERS
  • Volume of Interest Groups forced the program to
    rely on the maturity of the students and
    willingness of volunteers
  • Program Activities were perceived to have more
    value if you Charged a Nominal Fee (no child
    would ever be turned away)
  • Higher expectations from our partners Bigger
    and Better

Our Suggestions to you
  • Do not look at my experience as a whole
  • Focus on what you dont want your program to look
  • Identify your needs and interests of your
    participants and look to fill them
  • Cross-walk these interest back to your compliance
    requirements - PBL
  • Look at practices and components of different
    programs this is your Lightning Rod
  • There are no Model Programs and no prescribed
  • Understand that your participants can truly be
    your most essential resource
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