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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya
MS and Education
  • MS is working for womens empowerment.
  • Started in 1989 in Banda it is now functioning in
    16 districts.
  • Education is considered the basis for women
    empowerment. Various activities and programmes
    such as literacy camps, Mahila Shikshan Kendra,
    NPEGEL etc. are used to increase the educational
    level of women and girls.
  • For imparting education to girls at Upper primary
    level to 10 KGBVs have been started this year.
  • KGBV are residential schools

  • Our added objectives
  • Helping them to continue their education beyond
    class VIII further and to instill in them certain
    vocational skills that will make them monetarily
  • Helping them to be aware of different Government
    scheme and preparing them to participate in them.
  • Help them to be gender sensitive and legally and
    socially aware about their rights so that they
    are able to carry forward a highly gender
    sensitive vision.
  • MS UP run KGBVs are also being seen by us as a
    vehicle of expansion of MS thought, unique
    tradition of team work and the programme.

Inauguration of KGBVs
  • On 13th August education minister, Basic, Prof.
    Kiran Pal Singh formally announced the launch of
  • On 15th August the District Magistrates of all
    the districts laid the foundation of KGBV.

Inauguration of KGBVs at the State level
Aug.13th,2006 some glimpses
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(No Transcript)
Inauguration of KGBVs at the District level
Aug.15th,2006 some glimpses
KGBV Allahabad
KGBV Mathura
KGBV run by MS,UP
  • SL. Name of Name of No. of No. of
    Girls Total Group
  • the Distt. the Block Girls trs
    SC Min OBC A B C
  • Sitapur Mishrikh 99 5
    92 - 7 99 22
    31 46
  • Allahabad Shankargarh 50 5
    50 - - 50
    20 11 19
  • Varanasi Niyamatabad 100 8
    - - - 100
    - - -
  • (Chandauli)
  • Gorakhpur Bhathat 99 5
    35 24(Min) 39(1Gen) 99 24
    27 48
  • Jaunpur Machalishahar 70 5
    66 2 2 66 30
    40 -
  • Mathura Chata 66 5
    - - - 60 -
    - -
  • Mau Kopaganj 65 6
    48 2 - 50 28
    22 -
  • Muzaffarnagar Oon 59 7
    45 4 20 69 30
    20 9
  • Pratapgarh Kalakankar 71
    6 70 - 1 33
    38 - -
  • Saharanpur Rampur 58 6
    56 2 - 58
    20 20 18
  • Maniharan

  • Our Preparations
  • Safe and secure premises for girls is hired in
    each district for running of schools in its
    educationally backward and predominantly SC, ST
    block, till KGBV building is constructed .
  • Civil works
  • MS UP is in the process of beginning the
    construction of KGBVs. Till then, safe and
    secured premises have been hired in each district
    for the running of the school. Analysis of the
    design has been done. The Government has allowed
    MS,UP to improve add and integrate certain child
    friendly features, including making it more
    friendly to differently abled children like
    providing for ramps, special toilets and visual
    markers for blind children. Donations are being
    mobilized from NRIs to improve the quality of
    school buildings.

District wise profile of the selected buildings
for KGBV
Room - 4 Hall - 1 Lobby - 1 Kitchen - 2 Toilet
- 2 Bathroom - 2 Tank Jet Pump Boundary
Wall Open Space
Rooms - 3 Toilet/Bathroom - 3 Hall - 2 Courtya
rd Lobby - 1 Store Room Kitchen - 2 Verand
a - 1
Ground floor Hall - 2 Small Rooms -
2 Veranda - 1 Courtyard - 1 First
Floor Room - 3 Hall - 2 Veranda - 2 Store
- 1 Second Floor Terrace Room - 1 Veranda
Room - 5 Toilet and Bathroom -
3 Tank Store - 1 Lobby - 1 Hand
Pump Kitchen - 1 Jet Pump Boundary
First Floor Room - 14 Toilet and Bathroom
- 4 Hall - 1 Jet Pump Kitchen - 2 Terrace
High Boundary wall Open Terrace Hand Pump
Safe and independent building Situated in a
residential area Big Courtyard - 1 Veranda - 1 L
awn - 1 Kitchen - 1 Terrace
Ground Floor Big Rooms - 2 Rooms - 2 Kitchen -
1 Latrine - 6 Drawing Room - 1 First Floor Big
Rooms - 2 Latrines - 6 Small Rooms - 2 Bathroom
s - 6
Big Rooms - 4 Small Rooms - 4 Kitchen - 2 Latrin
e/Bathroom- 3 Veranda - 2 Courtyard Jet
Pump Tank Terrace Store - 2 Hand Pump
Rooms - 7 Jet Pump Lobby Tank Store - 1 Ba
throom - 2 Veranda - 2
Rooms - 10 Toilet Bathroom Kitchen -
2 Jet Pump Veranda - 2 Water Tank
Terrace Hand pump
Management of learning Time
  • KGBVs daily schedule envisaged as
  • Monday Friday
  • 0800 1000 Classes
  • 1030 1230 Classes
  • 1400 1600 Classes
  • Free Time
  • 1830 2000 Evening sessions (Social learning
    self study)
  • On Saturdays
  • Morning session Evaluation, catch up time,
    co-curricular activities, self-study,
    exploration, etc.
  • Post lunch session Social learning
  • No evening session
  • For formal classes 30 hrs per week
  • A total of 32 weeks likely to be available
    (excluding time for other activities)
  • Two weeks for Readiness Programme
  • Thus, 30 weeks X 30 hrs/week 900 hrs available
    through Year 1

  • Teaching learning material and aids have been
    developed for schools.
  • The entire staff of teachers and accountants are
    in place in 10 schools after a rigorous selection
    process consisting of written test and interview.

  • Selection of KGBV teachers and accountants was
    done by the DIU of MS UP
  • The selection committee comprised of
  • State representative
  • District Programme Coordinator
  • Two external subject experts
  • Accountant.
  • The written test, covering pedagogy, content,
    gender sensitivity and general awareness, was
    given to all short listed candidates.
  • Objectivity of evaluation of written test was
  • On the basis of performance at the written test,
    a merit list was prepared and short listed
    candidates were interviewed.

The weightage between written test and interview
was 7030.
Teaching aptitude, gender sensitivity and general awareness 35 marks
Subject content 35 marks
Interview 30 marks
Total 100 marks
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(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
  • Appropriate systems is in place to provide
    necessary training and academic support and
    monitoring and supervision.
  • Through motivation camps with parents and
    daughters, the girls have been identified and
    admitted in the schools.
  • 6 days training has been given to the teachers,
    warden accountant.
  • Students profile have been prepared. These
    profile are used to develop each students
    personalized improvement plan.

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Time Distribution
  • Academic support schedule is being developed for
    Class 6 in 3 phases, Packages 1, 2 3. Each
    package includes curriculum, methods / learning
    experiences, materials, evaluation, and teacher

Based on priority and curricular requirements,
the following time distribution for 900 hrs is as
follows (for class 6)
Subject Total hrs Pkg I (2mths) 20 time Pkg II (3 mths) 30 time Pkg III (4-5 mths) 50 time
Hindi 180 36 54 90
English 72 15 21 36
Sanskrit 45 9 14 23
Arithmetic 90 18 27 45
Algebra 72 15 21 36
Science 126 25 37 63
Agriculture 54 11 16 27
Soc. Sci. 135 27 41 68
Home Sci. 36 7 11 18
Arts 90 18 27 45
Phy Edn 0 0 0 0
  • Many subjects that appear to have less time have
    actually been supported through the general
    living / working in KGBV (e.g. agriculture, home
    science). In particular, physical education will
    be incorporated in the free time, and other
    proposed activities.
  • Pkg 1 (2 months) would concentrate on Hindi,
    Maths, English, Science and Social Studies this
    will provide scope for revision of primary, as
    well as provide a solid foundation for studying
    further in all subjects.
  • Pkg 4, to be developed by Jan 2007, will cover
    all of Class 7 8.
  • The MS UP run KGBV girls will also get a chance
    for internship with Sangha and Mahasanghas of MS
    to tryout their classroom learnings and
    understand their environment better.

Training Plan Academic support to teachers
  • A recurrent training mode is being adopted. It
    will be backed by regular monitoring visits to
    provide on-site support. Along with the KGBV
    staff, one dedicated Resource Person from the DIU
    will also receive the training for close
  • Training 1 August 2006 (6 days) Focus on Pkg
  • Introduction to KGBV Readiness Phase
    Operationalisation issues (esp parent concerns)
    Active Learning and what a KGBV class will be
    like TLM, TSM Adolescent Psychology
    Teacher-student relationship Hindi, English,
    Maths, Science and Social Studies Evaluation
    Planning Detailed planning for Month
    1.(sensitivity to gender issues, pedagogy,
    content, management of residential school)
  • Monitoring, follow up and on-site support 2 1

  • Training 2 October 2006 (5 days)
  • Focus on Pkg 2, especially other subjects
  • Monitoring, follow up and on-site support 2 1
  • Training 3 December 2006 (5 days)
  • Pkg 3
  • Monitoring, follow up and on-site support 2 1
  • Training 4 April June (3 x 6 days)
  • For classes 7 and 8
  • Monitoring, follow up and on-site support 2 1
  • Training 5 8
  • To be undertaken on a needs-based requirement
  • Monitoring, follow up and on-site support

  • Session plan for Training I, August 7 to 12, 2006

Day/ session Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Session I Introduction Responsibilities during training teaching in KGBV classes Teaching of Language,maths in class Teaching of Language,maths in class Science class teaching Evaluation
Session II Learning process (General) T.L.M. and Aids to help to teacher Discussion on Syllabus Discussion on Syllabus Main issue of science teaching and syllabus. Weekly implementation plan, Follow-up
Session III Teaching methods Psychology of Adolescent girl. English teaching class, teaching Curriculum English teaching class, teaching Curriculum General studies class teaching Subjectwise/district preparation
Session IV Our students and the influence of the circumstances on the learning process. Relation between teacher K.G.B.V. students Basic issues of teaching language curriculum of first 15 days Basic issues of teaching language curriculum of first 15 days Issues of Social science teaching. Subjectwise/district preparation
Evening Session Freetime review of the days activities (District wise) Freetime review of the days activities (District wise) Utilisation of Freetime in K.G.B.V. Freetime in K.G.B.V., Social Education Freetime in K.G.B.V., Social Education Help in implementation plan.
  • Students Profile
  • The profile contains details of the student and
    her family-
  • Health Status, family, socio-economic details.
  • Educational status and present educational level
  • Interest, likes and dislikes
  • Dreams, aspirations and special ability
  • Use of the profile
  • All the profiles have been analyzed and on its
    basis the teaching-learning process, educational
    aids etc will be decided.

  • Personal Improvement Programme
  • Personal improvement programme of each girl is
    prepared, it includes hards spots to be worked
    upon in each student in the area of their
    education/health/ fears/dreams.
  • Education- Their reading-writing skills as well
    as its application utilization of skills.
  • Health n hygiene- To reduce anaemia and
    contagious disease and improve the general
    health n hygiene conditions of girlsspecial
    plans are made.
  • Fear- Most of them aspire to be doctors, police,
    teacher, and want to be successful but do not
    realize the rigor needed to reach there, are
    interested in music, stitching etc. keeping in
    mind their interests their capacitive are being
    developed accordingly in self-defense, and
    helping them to meet their role models such as
    doctors, police, administrators etc.

Most of the girls in KGBV, Mau are suffering from
anaemia, hence rich iron meals containing
spinach, beetroot etc. are served to students.
  • Our Partnership
  • To speed up and support the educational
    activities of MS, Programme help of experienced
    national level experts is being sought.
  • Teaching Learning Strategies
  • Girls were quite about many issues because they
    were never given a chance to think and express
  • Our efforts are to enable these girls to think
    about the various aspects of life, debate with
    each other, take a decision and work in team and
    become more articulate.
  • We have planned our strategies accordingly and
    started its implementation .

  • Planning of lessons by the teachers
  • (Example of one subject)
  • Language
  • Language helps us to express our thoughts, ideas,
    viewpoints to other people, girls are silent
    about various issues because they never got a
    chance to think about these issues critically.
  • Language is not confined to mere reading and
    writing it is essential to think critically as
    well as to express completely.
  • Good language means strong thinking skills such
  • Had my daily routine been different from today,
    what difference would it make?...
  • It includes issues like equality and empowerment,
    our aim is to enable the girls to become bold by
    developing their language skills.

  • Writing has been mental aspect as well. Girls
    realize that they can write and this realization
    is increasing their confidence.
  • To give them a chance of debating with each other
    keeping in mind their background, rituals,
    festivals, needs, aspirations etc. This is
    essential to develop their confidence.
  • To promote and preserve local culture local
    songs, sayings, stories etc in the classroom
    teaching have been included.
  • The goal is that the girls should start
    appreciating and understanding the beauty of
    language, this will increase their written and
    verbal expression.

  • Session Planning
  • The sessions of Hindi Language are of 2 hours.
    While deciding on the teaching it is necessary to
    keep in mind the following
  • What is more difficult to be learnt?
  • What is difficult to be experienced?
  • Not difficult, but takes time.
  • Things of importance for us-imagination /thoughts
    etc based teaching points.
  • Teaching points should give the chance of
  • All sessions should give opportunity of
    reading-writing, listening, speaking.

  • Strategies for inculcating Language
  • 1. Likes- Dislikes-
  • Eating, colours, weather, flowers, friends,
    family, animals, birds, trees, fruits etc.
  • Why dont people eat certain things?
  • How birds fly?
  • 2. Expression-
  • Feelings/ideas/thoughts/questions
  • What is in the basket? To find out the answer on
    basis of question.
  • Which of the following is present in your school?
  • If buses start plying in the village..
  • 3. To present information-
  • To enquire among surroundings
  • What is red?
  • What is round?
  • Describe places, people, things, incidents,

  • 4. Working with cards-
  • Naming the parts
  • Schematic
  • Cross section
  • Incidents
  • 5. News-
  • Main news of the paper
  • Discussion on the main incident of the day

  • Reference material
  • Two types of reference material have been
  • Teacher Support Material
  • Teaching Learning Material
  • This material is utilized to the maximum as all
    the sessions are planned properly in advance.
    Some points that are kept in mind
  • Each session should give the girls a chance to
    hear, listen, speak, read, write and do
  • Read and do the things according to the teaching
  • Girls should be given a chance to work in
    small-big groups in each session.
  • What should be included in the Free time that
    helps the girls in learning?
  • What is included in social learning session?
  • How is morning/prayer time used?

Performance indicators
  • Easy-A Little Difficult-B
  • A Teachers/Warden/Accountant will get together
    and make the days plan.
  • A Work division daily routine char will be
  • A Teachers/Warden/Accountant will be follow
  • A Teachers and girls work together.
  • A Everyone will be working as scheduled and
  • A Planned training point transacted
  • A Girls Exercising
  • A Girls will look after their cleanliness
  • A Will look after the cleanliness of
  • A Rangoli will be made
  • A Formation of kishori sansad
  • A Teachers/students will prepare TLM together
  • A Will be able to do first aid according to

  • B Co-ordination among Teachers/Accountant/Warden
  • B Things will get arranged
  • B Discussion on problems in sansad
  • B Visible improvement in health of girls
  • C Teachers will understand their responsibility
  • C Work will progress in an organized way
  • C Girls will develop leadership qualities and
    will be agent of change when they go back to
    their community.

  • Teaching learning material
  • It includes stories 2 types of stories have
    been provided. Some can be used for developing
    communication skills and others for cultivating
    writing skills.
  • Poems Poems are chosen for their good quality of
    rhyme and rhythm. What other activities can be
    used while teaching poetry.
  • Pictures The girls are already working with
    pictures. Girls are being asked to-
  • Fill in colours
  • Spot differences
  • Complete the picture
  • Write a story on given picture
  • Making new things with paper
  • Songs

  • Follow up and Monitoring
  • In September from 12th-20th all the KGBVs were
    evaluated on the basis of pedagogy, management
  • Experts from outside and one state
    representative, DPC and RP of the concerned
  • On 22nd and 23rd Sept., a 2 days meeting was held
    where the feedback was analyzed.
  • The needs and possibilities of all the districts
    were analyzed individually.
  • Feedback has been provided accordingly to all the

KGBV followup and monitoring A better than
expected B as expected C emerging, but some
difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good
X not done - not observed
Dist Pratpgrh Pratpgrh Pratpgrh Pratpgrh Allahabad Allahabad Allahabad Allahabad Muzzfrngr Muzzfrngr Muzzfrngr Muzzfrngr Sitapur Sitapur Sitapur Sitapur Mathura Mathura Mathura Mathura Saharanpr Saharanpr Saharanpr Saharanpr Varanasi Varanasi Varanasi Varanasi Jaunpur Jaunpur Jaunpur Jaunpur
Visit no. 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Curr activities B B B B B- A A C-
Time-table use B B B B D A B C
Working with levels B B C- B D A B- C
Readiness A B B A D A B D
Bal akhbar B B C B D A x D
Own time B B C A D B B D
Use of profile B B B- B- B- B- B C
Selectn and use of activities B B B A B A B C
Hindi B B B- B B A B B
English A B A A B A B -
Maths B B- C A B A B- C
Science C B C A B B B C
Soc Stu B B A A B A - B
Evaluation B- B - B - - B -
Prfrmnce Indicatrs
Joint planning Y Y Y Y ? Y Y ?
Daily routine chart Y Y Y Y N Y ? Y
Following rules
Girls working together ? ? ? Y N Y ? ?
On-time work Y Y Y Y ? Y Y Y
Curr acc to time ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Girls exercising Y Y ? Y Y ? Y ?
Girls caring abt clenliness Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Will clean surroundg Y Y Y Y ? Y Y Y
Rangoli Y ? ? Y ? ? ? ?
Girls parliament N Y Y Y ? Y ? Y
Joint TLM devt
First aid as needed
Coodinatn among team
Will organise things
shortcmngs discussed in Parlmt
Improvd health
Tchrs undrstnd respnsblty
Organised Work progress
Girls take lead
Plants, flowrs
Walls decoratd
Instns in campus
Wall paper
Kitchen garden
Some trees
Clean campus
Know names Y Y ? y ? Y Y Y
Freely talk with tchr ? ? Y ? ? Y Y Y
Help each other Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Confidence in girls Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Will share skills with each other
No caste discrimination
Superstitn reduced
Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed Mahila Shikshan Kendra (MSK) Followup, quality, evaluation A better than expected B as expected C emerging, but some difficulties D too many shortcomings, not good X not done - not observed
  Issues Pratapgarh Allahabad Muzaffarnagar Sitapur Mathura Saharanpur Varanasi Jaunpur Chitrakoot Auraiyya
1 Use and condition of educational material A - B B A B- B B B B
2 Use of acitivities B - B C - C B B B C
3 Working with small-big groups B - B C- B C A B B B
4 Preparing and transacting lesson C - B B- B C- A B B B
Classwork B - B B B C A B B B
Homework C - - - - - C C - -
Creative work C - - C B D B B- B- B
Wall/newspaper D - C C C D D D B- D
5 Training according to nature of subjects B - B C C B- B B B B
Language-Hindi, Eng, Sanskrit B - B C C C B B B B
Maths B - C - - C- - B B- B
Evaluation B - - - C - - - B- -
  Issues Pratapgarh Allahabad Muzaffarnagar Sitapur Mathura Saharanpu Varanasi Jaunpur Chitrakot Auraiyya
1 Relations                    
A Teachers-Students Y - Y Y Y ? Y Y Y Y
B Students-Students Y - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
C MSK Guardians Y - Y? - - ? ? Y ? ?
2 Co-operative from district team Y - Y? Y Y - Y? ? Y Y
3 Use of school time Y - - Y Y - Y Y Y Y
School time Y - - Y Y - Y Y Y Y
Before after school Y - - Y Y - - Y - -
A Glimpse
  • Prof. Krishna Kumar, Director, NCERT was very
    happy, amazed to see the entire quality running
    of the school and applauded it as world class
    Vishwa Stariya. He greatly appreciated planning
    of curriculum transaction and highly interactive
    and active teaching learning processes based on
    the ability grouping of the learners. As regards
    the MSK Saharanpur, he recommended a need for
    better training of MSK teachers.

NPEGEL Programme at a glance -2006-07
District Block Nyay Panchayat Meena Manch Child Centre
Varanasi Niyamatabad 9 9 9
Jaunpur Machalishahar 10 10 10
Mau Kopaganj 10 10 10
Saharanpur Rampur mahiharan 6 6 6
Pratapgarh Kalakankar 8 8 8
Chitrakoot Chitrakoot 12 12 12
Muzaffarnagar Oon 11 11 11
Mathura Chaata 10 10 10
Gorakhpur Bhathat 9 9 9
Allahabad Shankargarh 10 10 10
Sitapur Mishrikh 10 10 10
Total 105 105 105
(No Transcript)
Community Mobilization
  • Kishori Melas were held at district block level
    where the provisions of NPEGEL were shared with
    the community. After this there was a rise in the
    enrolment of girls.
  • Awareness generation/wall writing was done at
    school and village level regarding program
    related information.
  • Enrolment campaigns were organized intensively in
    Model Cluster Schools.
  • Various activities such as Quiz, Competitions,
    Mela, were organized among girls
  • Meetings held with guardians and teachers.
  • Meena film shown in each cluster and discussions
    were held.

We really like this fair as it was different from
other fairs. This was the best opportunity of my
life. Before this, I had never seen my district.
Mela for adolescent girls, Mathura.
Our daughters are getting many facilities under
this programme (NPEGEL) I will definitely send my
daughter. Guardian, Mela for adolescent girls,
Child Centres
  1. Child centres are functioning in all cluster
    schools where around 25-35 children are there and
    their older sisters are studying in the Junior
    schools.Around 1500 children.
  2. Training of Sanchalikas of these centres was held
    where they were taught about joyful teaching
  3. All Sanchalikas have been trained in FLE.

(No Transcript)
Summer Camp
  • 65 camps were held and 1540 adolescent girls and
    boys attended these camps. Camps were organized
    on the following subjects-
  • Family Life Skills
  • Self defence training
  • Yoga
  • Games cultural programs
  • Creative activities
  • After the summer camps concluded, adolescent boys
    were also involved as friend groups.
  • Now I shall help my sister in her work and give
    her time to study also.
  • Adolescent boy.
  • Summer camp, Mau
  • Now I shall never abuse in my lifetime.
  • Raj Kishore
  • Summer Camp, Sitapur.

Gender Training
  1. TOT for two teachers of all the blocks in FLE
    under NPEGEL.
  2. Gender training of teachers of Model Cluster

After the training, teachers allowed girls to
play, ride bicycles and participate in
rallies. Mau
I was biased against girls. I used to ask my
daughter only to do all household work, though
she was good in studies. My son had failed but I
never asked him to do any work at home. But now I
shall give time to both to study. Sitapur
(No Transcript)
Meena Manch
  • Each model cluster has a Kishori Sangha (Meena
    Manch) where girls studying in that school and
    girls of nearly areas are active members.Around
    2000 members.
  • Members of Kishori Sangha (Meena Manch have been
    trained in FLE, self-defence etc.

(No Transcript)
Vocational Training
  • For the overall development of the girls, keeping
    in mind their interests training was imparted to
    them in soft toys, self defence, stitching,
    embroidery etc.
  • Teaching Learning Aids
  • Swings, cycles have been provided in the MCS.
    Play material have been provided in the child
    centres and they are being used.
  • Library has been established in the Model Cluster
    School and is being utilized by the adolescent
    boys and girls living nearby.

  • Others
  • Uniform distributed by MS in all primary schools
    under NPEGEL program and saving have been used to
    give additional pieces of clothing such as socks,
    belt, bloomers etc.
  • Small tables (Chauki) have been provided in all
  • Multipurpose rooms have been constructed in some
    places but the VEC is most of the places is of
    the view that the amount sanctioned is less.
  • Challenges
  • Difficult to call teachers for trainings/workshops
  • Lac of any authority to intervene in the school
    mis-management makes it difficult to obtain the
    trust of people in Mahila Sanghas.
  • There is no surety that action will be taken on
    the basis of the complaints lodged by Shangha
    woman while observing/monitoring the schools.

  • If the VEC or village Pradhan create problem,
    then it becomes difficult for Sangha women.
  • Teachers do not co-operate in sending girls and
    boys to summer camps
  • While uniform distribution the number of girls
    were found to be more, this also created a lot of
  • Constant construction work even during class time
    leads to attritions in children concentration.
  • Many a times teacher and pradhan do not
    co-operation in the construction of the
    Multipurpose building (Lapnare/Ullni Akdarnagar,
    Muzaffarnagar). Amount is also less.

  • Do not give space for child centres. Do not
    co-operate when they are to give time for Meena
    Manch meetings.
  • Honararium of the summer camp trainer is less.
  • BSA and teacher do not co-operate during uniform
    distribution. Banaras and Jaunpur.
  • In 26 schools the Principal and Gram Pradhan
    distributed uniforms through the VEC despite
    being ordered not to do so by the BSA.
  • No maintenance costs for the repairing of cycles,
    swings. How to repair it after it is broken.
  • Need is felt to increase the time duration of
    remedial teachers.

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