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King Solomon


Born of David and Bathsheba. c.961-922 BC. A great general, consolidated his armies and political factions. Drove dissidents out of Israel ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: King Solomon

King Solomon
  • The Wisest King

King Solomon
  • Born of David and Bathsheba
  • c.961-922 BC
  • A great general, consolidated his armies and
    political factions
  • Drove dissidents out of Israel
  • Strengthened the country

King Solomon
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Brief Facts
  • Married the Daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh
  • Political reasons
  • Had several wives and concubines
  • Supposedly wrote many OT books
  • The Song of Songs (Solomon)
  • The Book of Wisdom (Wisdom of Solomon)
  • Ecclesiastes
  • Proverbs

Solomon the King
  • Appointed officers and established administrative
    districts with government officials (prefects) to
    organize authority
  • Modernized the military with horses and chariots
  • Increased trade
  • Set of an extensive building campaign palaces,
    fotresses and walls, a central temple
  • Set up a tax system

Solomons Temple
  • A place for the Ark of the Covenant
  • Built in Jerusalem
  • Built in 960 BC, destroyed by the Babylonians in
    586 BC
  • Rebuilt in 516 and destroyed again in 70 BC

Solomons Temple
Ethiopian icon of Solomon
The Judgment of Solomon
  • 1 Kings 316-28
  • Two women approach Solomon, each claiming they
    are the mother of a child
  • Because Solomon cannot legally tell which one is
    the true mother he orders the baby split in half,
    one for each of the mothers
  • One of the women cries out to let the other woman
    have the child
  • Solomon, knowing that the true mother would not
    allow such a fate for her child, knows that she
    is the true mother
  • Thus he gives her the child without prejudice

Solomon Dies
  • Solomon dies (1 Kings 1143) and his son Rehoboam
    takes the throne
  • During Rehoboams rule, the kingdom splits into
    the North and the South
  • Israel was at its Zenith during Solomons reign
  • This is in much thanks to King David as well

Israel During the Reign of David and Solomonc.
1000 BC
Israel After David and Solomon
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