The Envelope and the Future of Mail A View from North America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Envelope and the Future of Mail A View from North America


The Envelope and the Future of Mail A View from North America – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Envelope and the Future of Mail A View from North America

The Envelope and the Future of MailA View from
North America
  • A Mailing Industry Briefing
  • August 2003

We Are In The Middle of A Decade of Challenge
  • The Consumer is Overwhelmed with messages.
  • Responsiveness is the key to success.
  • There will continue to be significant shifts in
    advertising spending.
  • Permission based marketing is here to stay.
  • New Consumers have new mail oriented values.
  • The Retailer Grows.
  • The Posts will continue to change.
  • From Print and Distribute to Distribute and
  • New Opportunities for Mailers and Vendors

The Consumer is Overwhelmed!
  • Direct E-Mail has sky rocketed, over 70 percent
    of office email is advertising too much.
  • Telemarketing has gotten out of control.
  • Television commercials continue to push
    programming time downward.
  • Direct mail is under attack in many States and

So How Are Consumers Dealing With This Tidal Wave
of Communication?
  • Do Not Call Me.
  • Do Not FAX Me.
  • Do Not Email Me.
  • Do Not Mail Me.
  • Do Not Bug Me.
  • If I Want To Respond I Will Respond!

So What Is A Marketer To Do?Responsiveness is
the Key To Success!
  • Consumers desire and businesses respond to
    targeted, tailored and timely communication.
  • According to recent research by Vertis, Inc., 46
    percent of consumers stated they responded to
    direct mail this year as compared to 34 percent
    last year.
  • Young baby boomers indicated they responded 49
    percent of the time.
  • Seniors are responding more.
  • The secret is targeted, tailored and timely.

The Shift in Ad Spending
  • Advertising is now global, campaigns are global.
  • Brand management is the key Coke, is Coke, is
    Coke in any language.
  • Advertising pharmaceuticals direct to consumer.
  • Advertising public health concerns to teens.
  • Advertising and entertainment have merged.
  • Even distributors are trying to contact their
    customers directly.
  • Mail must be made more interesting in this new

Permission Based Marketing Is Here To Stay!
  • I want it when I want it. The consumer is in
  • Brand based models are growing- Amazon,
    Nordstrom, Levis.
  • Coupon models are also permission based, Val Pack.
  • Points based marketing is also moving forward
    Airlines, Credit Cards, etc.
  • Sweepstakes still there but more web based.

The Contextual Transformation of Mail
  • Permission based marketing.
  • Personalization and digital printing.
  • Shop at home and delivery to the home.
  • New ways to mail, new ways to grow business and
    new ways to reach the consumer.

So What Does This Mean for the Mail?
  • Consumers want convenience. They dont want to
    walk or drive too far.
  • They prefer an instantaneous relationship. They
    have to connect to the package.
  • They like quick response devices. Tear off
    coupons, easy to fill out forms, simple paper
    work, ease of access.
  • They dont want to be hassled by devices that are
    too complicated for them to handle. They only
    have a limited time.

Ways In Which Mailers Are Responding
  • Integrating mailing lists with detailed customer
  • Working to insure that the content of mail is
    targeted to an individuals needs and interests.
  • Adding value to the exchange at point of
  • Reaching the consumer in a timely fashion.
  • Adding more value to the mailpiece itself.
  • Providing integrated services.
  • Establishing better metrics to show response.

Home Shopping Behavior Will Change!
  • E-Commerce will continue to grow globally.
  • Traditional retailers will play a stronger role
    in home shopping.
  • Home shopping will double by 2010.
  • Delivery will be a growing cost and a real
  • Consumers will want convenience.
  • International partnerships will emerge.

Home Shopping Growth Rates
Source Institute of the Future/Bureau of the
Census 2002
So How Is Printing Changing?
  • Digital printing will be the most important
    printing technology over the next decade.
  • These new presses are quieter, more robust and
    print much faster than before. They are not yet
    at offset quality but they are getting there
  • There will be overlaps in printing quality
    between flexo and offset first, then between
    flexo and digital. We will also see digital
    technology merged into the process, i.e.. Digital
    color verification, plates, screen to plate, ink

So Where Will Digital Print Emerge?
  • Variable data printing content targeted on user
  • Print-on-demand/short run just in time
  • Distributed printing print it where I want it,
    when I want it, how I want it.
  • Barriers so far Quality (not offset), cost,
    maintenance, run lengths number of colors and
    customer education.

The Transformation of the Posts
  • The posts will be driven to find new values in a
    changing communications market.
  • They will continue to have to deal with the USO
    and how to pay for it with other services.
  • The will provide new mail and parcel delivery
  • They will become logistics providers.
  • They will offer more integrated financial
  • They will do whatever they can to protect their
    core businesses.
  • They will be more integrated communications

New Post Offices?
So How Will The Envelope and Printing Industry
What Is Going To Happen?
  • Mail will shift from broadly targeted to
    specifically targeted.
  • Mail will be addressed to individuals more often
    it is more secure and direct.
  • Individualized messages will be used more often.
  • There will be more smaller, mailings. More
    patterning, more interest targeting.
  • Each mailpiece will become more valuable.

How About The Envelope Companies?
  • Companies will offer faster turn around and more
    printing features.
  • Companies will see envelopes in a much broader
  • Companies will become solutions providers.
  • Companies will become more integrated with their
  • Only 60 percent of a companies revenue will come
    from traditional products.

The Type of Company A Customer Will Want To Do
Business With
  • Is creative, innovative in design.
  • Can offer a wide range of printing capabilities
    offset, flexo and ink jet.
  • Understands the posts to be used.
  • Can offer a total solution to the customers
  • Communicates will constant order status.
  • Talks to the customer, not at the customer.

Things To Remember!
  • Consumers feel the mail is still important In
    Australia or the US, it is still important.
  • The mail has an important role to play in product
  • More of the mail will carry an advertising
    message. Less will be transactional.
  • The mail will be more targeted, use more colors
    and be much more personal.
  • The idea is to look different. Different means

The Future Will Always Be Different!
When You Go To Billions instead of Millions The
Cost Goes Down But the Problems are More
Things Will Start To Think
Postal Portal?
Electronic Ink
Sandia Tagging
  • Spectral spreading delocalizes fiducials
  • Uniform coverage across the image
  • Minimally sensitive to particle loading
  • Supports automated image registration

How could RFID be used on an envelope?
  • Authenticity
  • Possibly be used as tamper evidence if when
    opening the seal the RFID antennae is broken
  • Tracking each tag is unique
  • Benefits to postal system
  • Marketing?
  • Competitions
  • Links to web sites?

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But we could do it just As Cheap with a Barcode
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