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Welcome To The Seminar


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Title: Welcome To The Seminar

Welcome To The Seminar
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Developing Distance Educators in India and
abroad Dr Prabir Kr
Biswas Staff Training and Research
Institute of Distance Education

Situation 1 A new Institute of DE has been
established. Ten academic staffs have been
appointed.They have been asked to develop
self-learning materials for the distance
learners.Situation 2A tutor /academic
counselor has been appointed and has been asked
to give counseling to a group of distance
learners. He has limited time for a Block
consisting of 5 units ( around 25000 words). He
has been asked to mark the assignments and to
write tutor comments.Situation3A regional
Director has been appointed and has been asked to
monitor the functioning of 20 study centers in
his region.
The Division of Distance Education , IGNOU was
upgraded into the Staff Training and Research
Institute of Distance Education (STRIDE) in 1993.
Initially the institute was entrusted with the
task of training the staff of IGNOU, the staff of
state open universities and distance education
directorates in India and South Asia. Over the
years it has expanded its jurisdiction
tremendously by responding to the distance
education needs of many countries in Asia,
Africa, South Pacific and Caribbean region.

To identify training needs of different target
groups. To build up resource base of up-to-date
information. To develop training strategies and
training materials. To organize and conduct
training and staff development activities for the
identified target groups and institutions through
various strategies leading to completion of
certificates, diplomas and degrees. To get
involved and promote research in open and
distance education.
  • Objectives of STRIDE

To develop human resources for distance education
institutions STRIDE offers two programs
Postgraduate Diploma in Distance
Education(PGDDE). M.A. in Distance
Education(MADE).Each program is a 30 credit
program and consists of 5 courses.Duration
Minimum 1 year. Maximum 4 years
  • STRIDE Programs

Course 1 Growth and Philosophy of DEBlock 1
Socio-academic issues.Block 2 Philosophical
foundations.Block 3 Growth and present
statusBlock 4 and Block 5 Collection of
articles.Course 2 Design and Development of
SLMBlock 1Factors in design of print
materials.Block 2 Principles of text
designBlock 3 Preparation of texts.Block 4 and
Block54 Collection of articles.
Course 3 Learner support services
Block 1 Support services
need and mechanism.Block 2 Counseling and
tutoring services.Block 3 Interaction through
assignments.Block 4 and Block 5 Collection of
articles.Course 4 Management of DEBlock 1
Educational systems management.Block 2
Management of higher education.Block 3 Planning
and management of distance education.Block 4
Planning and management of IGNOU.Block 5
Management of change.
IGNOU 3 tier systemHqs. ------
centers(29), Overseas centers(23)Programs(78),
Courses(815)Students on rolls(10,13,631),
Students in 2003(3,16,547)Tutor/Academic
counselors(25,500)Students registered for
Term-end exam.,2002(5,08,541)Students awarded
, Divisions(14), Other Units(4),Teachers/Academic
s(300), Administrative and other staffs(1,415)
Media/Technology Print, Audio(1,235),
video(1,520),Gyan Darshan Educational Channel(24
hrs.), EklavyaThe technical Educational
Channel(16 hrs.), Gyan Vani FM Radio stations(7),
Teleconferencing(around 450 hrs./year),Interactive
Radio Counseling(1 hour every week from 186
Radio Stations of Akashvani), Computer(around
2000 computers at various offices including
computer laboratories at Regional centers).
Projects(24) including Virtual initiatives.
Course 5Communication technology for DEBlock1
Communication technology basics.Block 2 Media
in distance education.Block 3 Audio and video
production (Part 1).Block 4 Audio and video
production (Part 2)Block 5 Computer and
communication networks.
Program delivery Study materials are sent to
the participants directly by post along with the
Program Guide and assignments(total 15) at least
1 month before the session. Induction
meeting(face-to-face) is held during the Ist/2nd
week of the session in every study center(total
51), or through teleconference (one way video and
two way audio) from the HQs. Face-to-face
academic counseling starts in the month of
February. Max. 10 counseling for each
course(academic counselors involved).
  • National operations

Tutoring through assignments starts in
March(academic counselor and faculty involved).
Audio and video programs supplement the print
materials. These can be used at Regional centers
and Study Centers. Gyan Darshan Educational TV
channel (24 hrs.) telecast video programs.
Phone-inradio counseling is held through 186
radio stations (faculty and academic counselor
involved). Faculty provides support through
e-mail, telephone and letter.
International operationsRajiv Gandhi
Fellowship(RGF) Scheme launched jointly by the
Commonwealth of Learning (COL), IGNOU and Rajiv
Gandhi Foundation.100 participants from
different commonwealth countries took admission
to this program in 1995. Later in 2000, 50 more
participants have joined. Orientation for
academic counselors had been organized in New
Delhi. STRIDE faculty provide tutoring through
assignments (tutor comments) and provide support
services through e-mail (who has the facility).
Name of the countriesBangladesh, Sri Lanka,
Pakistan, Mauritius, Tanzania, Ghana, Guyana,,
Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia, Samoa, Swaziland,
Antigua, Jamaica,Trinidad Tobago, St. Kitts, St.
Vincent, Solomon, Tonga, Malawi, Papua New
Guinea, Seychelles.
participants from Ethiopia, 15 from Liberia and 8
from Madagascar took admission in this program
under this scheme (2000-2002). Intensive
counseling for 10 days duration in April and
November(STRIDE faculty). Tutoring and other
support services through e-mail(who has the
facilities).Tutoring through assignments(tutor
comments). Selected participants who have
completed the program and have obtained good
grades have been given live orientation.
MADE coursesCourse 1 Research for Distance
Education.Course 2 Curriculum Development for
Distance Education.Course 3 Distance Education
Economic perspective.Course 4 Staff
Development in Distance Education.Course 5
Project Work.
Project workPurpose To develop research
skills. To sensitize to the realities and
practices of DE system, To solve local problems
through scientific method of investigation,Themat
ic AreasDE system status and
prospectsStudent support services and other
sub-systems in DECost factors in DEDeveloping
self-instructional materialLearner concerns in
DEUse of technology in DELanguage issues in
DEDeveloping human resources in DE
PGDDE MADE program Admission and
completionIndia (1987-2002)Admitted 10,236
Completed 1826RGF-COL scheme(1995-1997)Ad
mitted 100 Completed
(2000-02)Admitted 110MADE programRGF-COLAdm
itted 61 Completed 52IICBA-UNESCO-STR
IDE(IGNOU)Admitted 110India (1993-2002)Admitte
d 418 Completed 202
Short training program Orientation /Workshop
for the new academics Workshop for the course
writers (self-learning materials development,
transformation of existing material into
self-learning format)Orientation for the
tutor/academic counselors.WorkshopTraining
materials are sent to the participants as
pre-workshop activities.One or two Units are
developed during the workshop(5-10 days duration)
under the direct supervision of the STRIDE
faculty.Other Units are developed after the
workshop (guidance are taken through e-mail as
and when necessary, and if there is facility).
Training Materials Handbook 1 Open and
Distance Education Handbook 2 Effective
Learning Handbook 3 Academic Counseling
Handbook 4 Assessment and Evaluation in Distance
Education Handbook 5 Development of
Self-learning Materials Handbook 6 Editing of
Materials Handbook 7 Media in Distance
Education Glossary of Terms used in Open
Distance And E-learning Training Manual for
Non-academic Staff
Round Tables of representatives of state open
universities and distance learning
institutesOrganized for coordination and
development of shared understanding on ground
realities and practices of open and distance
education.Topics Assignments Academic
counseling Self-learning material development
Media delivery system Material distribution
Training of trainers programEach institute
prepares status paper and present. Discussion
takes place. Action planes are prepared.
Training given to some other organizations
National Institute of Bhutan Indian Army
Department of Personnel Training , India.
Research Projects Completed By STRIDE Utility
of IGNOU programs (MBA, BLISc) Need analysis of
programs of training of trainers in Asia, Africa
and South Pacific region Strategies to meet the
needs of the disabled Survey of partner
institutions Medium of instruction in distance
education Distance education and job market
Use of activities in self-learning materials by
distance learners Impact of STRIDE training
program Models of course development Program
evaluationBesides these STRIDE faculty members
have completed several individual research.
Thank You
Active Listening
Special Thanks To
Authority OUHK
Authority COL
Authority IGNOU
Sincere warm thanks toProf. WONG
Tat Meng, Dean , School of Science
TechnologyDr David MURPHY, Acting Director,
SHARMAN, Course Designer, ETPUAll the members of
Research Team, Research Management
Administration, Secretary to Director and
Scholars, CRIDAL
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