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Gulf Stream Coach – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Gulf Stream Coach

Feature Gulf Stream uses Lippert Components
chassis frames, power jacks and slide room
mechanisms that are powder coated for maximum
rust proof protection. We install 8 I-Beams on
our ½ ton fifth wheels and 10 I-Beams on our ¾
ton fifth wheels and travel trailers. Benefit
Lippert Components is an industry leader with
excellent warranty and service. Lippert offers a
five year structural warranty on our frames!
Feature We install a fully enclosed corrugated
plastic seamless underbelly with forced air
heated holding tanks and fully enclosed dump
valves.Benefit We are a true Four Season RV
providing winter time use and added protection to
prevent our plumbing connections from freezing or
from potential damage from road debris during
travel. Most other brands leave their dump valves
exposed and are not designed for 4 season use.
Feature We install a seamless one piece impact
resistant corrugated plastic underbelly with
service access panels to help the service tech
locate the enclosed gate valves and plumbing
connections on the tanks.Benefit Most other
brands do not install access panels which means
techs have to cut large sections of the
underbelly to locate the valves on the tanks to
repair potential plumbing issues. 
Feature We install the best standard floor
insulation R-values in its class! Our composite
R-32 rating in the floor in all our fifth wheel
and travel trailer models. We even insulate
inside the frame rails w/ R-14 Therma-foil.Benef
it We provide the best overall protection for
your investment. Most other brands offer R-14 to
21 and advertise they are tested to zero degrees.
What happens to their product when its below
zero? Why take a chance?
R-14 Fiberglass
R-14 Therma-Foil
Feature Our 2 X 3 floor joists are spaced on
12 centers vs. 16 centers like most other
brands. (Notice the layer of formaldehyde free
R-14 fiberglass insulation placed between the
floor joists)Benefit Provides added strength in
the floors. Try walking across our floor vs. the
competitions floor. Our floor feels solid and
theirs feels like youre walking on a trampoline.
Feature Gulf Stream installs 5/8 thick seamless
structure wood floor decking instead of tongue
and groove plywood flooring with seams every 4
feet across the floor used by other brands. Also,
our floor joists are mounted on 12 inch centers
vs. 16 inch centers like most other
brands.Benefit Our floors have a much more
solid feel than other brands that use less floor
joists. Also, our seamless decking eliminates
potential seams from coming loose and squeaking
or showing up under linoleum covered areas.
Feature We have a obtained third party
certification that all materials used in our
construction comply with HUD and California Air
Resources Boards (CARB) standard for low
formaldehyde emissions. Benefit Enjoy better
air quality for you and your family in a Gulf
Stream RV! Most other brands are not certified to
meet these two important standards by a third
party for your health and safety.
Feature We install a layer of R-14 Therma-Foil
insulation under the bath bedroom floor decking
with 1 ½ X 2 aluminum floor joists to ensure a
comfortable and strong bathroom and master suite
floor area. Benefit Most other brands do NOT
install any insulation under the bathroom or
bedroom floor in their fifth wheels. Their only
barrier is a layer of 5/8 OSB. Our product is
designed to prevent cold and heat from coming
through your floor. Our master suite is much more
comfortable and easier to cool or heat!
R-14 Therma-Foil
Feature Our 12 volt electric slide-out mechanism
with worm gear drive and rack and pinion
alignment system is the BEST IN THE RV
INDUSTRY!Benefit Theres no potential for
fluid leaks with a 12 volt mechanism and they
have inside switches which are easier to operate
than hydraulic mechanisms with selector valves.
Also, the compact size of the mechanism provides
much better storage space under the bed deck. 
Feature Our 12 volt slide room has a manual
override with easy access ports to crank the room
in or out. Hydraulic slides still rely on 12 volt
electric power to operate and need a power drill
to operate the pump to over ride the mechanism if
the slide room fails. Benefit Our slide room
system is much easier to operate than hydraulic
systems if electric power is lost. Most slide
room pumps are located under the goose neck and
are difficult to access the over ride and
selector valves.
Feature Our 1 thick plywood floor decking in
our slide rooms provides added strength over the
5/8 chip board used by most competitors.Benefit
Many competitors slide room floors feel like a
trampoline when you walk on them. Our floors will
not sag or warp when you and your guests are
sitting on the sofa or dinette and have a nice
solid feel.  
Feature We install a 1/4 thick x 4 wide steel
header above all slide-outs rooms behind the
hardwood fascia trim for maximum slide roof
strength.Benefit Many other brands rely on
their 1 ½ aluminum studs for strength in this
area. The strength of our steel header prevents
the slide roof from sagging and water from
standing on top of the slide room roof. Many
other brands slide roof can sag over time causing
water to puddle on the roof and leak on the
interior floor when the room is brought in. 
Feature Our 44 deep slide room width is the
deepest in the industry.Benefit Most
competitors slide rooms are only 36 to 38
deep. Our slide rooms add 6-8 of depth allowing
our dinette table and seating areas to
comfortably sit four full size adults without
protruding into the main living area of the unit.
Feature Our innovative 2 thick Thermal-pane
sidewall design is standard in all full-profile
bedroom slide units. This increases the
insulation value from R-10 to an R-12 rating and
eliminates thermal transfer through the aluminum
studs!Benefit Most other brands offer R-7 to
R-9 in their walls. Their studs run all the way
through the wall with no thermal break allowing
substantial heat or cooling losses and
condensation build-up to occur through the
aluminum wall framing.  
Feature We install galvanized steel backers
inside our vacu-bond laminated sidewalls to
provide a secure attachment point for all
interior cabinets and interior walls. Place a
magnet just below the O/H cabinets to see for
yourself. Benefit Many other brands screw their
cabinets and interior walls to the aluminum
sidewall framing or into luan panels rather than
into steel backers. The backers prevent the
cabinet attachment screws from pulling away from
the walls and make the interior wall structure
much stronger for long lasting durability.
Feature We roll on two coats of water proof
anti-wicking compound on all sidewall openings to
prevent any moisture from absorbing into the
framing or sidewall luan panels. Benefit Many
manufacturers apply only one or even no anti-wick
compound in their openings. If any window leaks
occur, or condensation from the window frame
occurs, the luan backing on the fiberglass
exterior walls can absorb moisture over time. If
this happens the wood can swell from the moisture
and cause the fiberglass wall to delaminate and
bubble around the opening. This will not happen
in a Gulf Stream due to the extra care we take to
apply two coats of water proof material.
Note The first coat applied is milky white
applied by the lamination dept. The second coat
is black and applied on the production line.
Feature Our roof is standard with R-14
fiberglass insulation which provides excellent
warm weather protection. Our optional Extreme
Weather insulation adds a layer of R-14
flex-foil insulation boosting the roof to an R-28
rating for extremely hot or cold weather
conditions. We install 5 trusses on 16 centers
and a 7/16 OSB roof decking thats stronger than
the 3/8 used by most RVs.Benefit Once again,
Gulf Stream is unmatched! Most other brands offer
R-14 to R-21 roof insulation and say theyre
tested down to zero degrees. What about when its
90 to 120 degrees? How comfortable will you be?
Why take a chance on insufficient roof insulation
provided by most other brands? 
R-14 Therma-foil
7/16 OSB Decking
R-14 Fiberglass
Feature We prep the bedroom vent area for
installation of a 2nd A/C in all our bed slide
full-profile units as a standard
feature.Benefit Many manufacturers charge extra
for this feature or do not offer it at all as an
option on their lower priced products. Gulf
Stream recognizes that customers may need the
bedroom A/C installed sometime after their
purchase if they relocate or travel to warmer
climate regions. This makes the install of the
second A/C much less costly after or during the
Feature We install premium Leather Touch
ceiling panels to complement the interior
décor.Benefit These new style off-white
ceiling panels match the interior wall board much
better than the white stucco panels used by most
other brands. They are also much easier to clean
and offer a higher end look and style than other
ceiling panels used by other manufacturers.  
  • Feature Our innovative Aero front fiberglass
    cap design incorporates front docking lights, a
    hitch mirror, aerodynamic design with lower air
    dam, and raised chrome Gulf Stream logo. Our
    lower corners are brought back as well for better
    turning radius with short bed trucks.
  • Benefit Our design provides lights for night
    time hitching or camping and a mirror to make
    backing into the hitch much easier to see. The
    aerodynamic shape promotes better fuel economy
    and the air dam minimizes turbulent air flow
    under the hitch to reduce vibration and increase
    vehicle stability. You wont find a better
    designed front cap!

Full Profile Fifth Wheel Cap
Mid Profile Fifth Wheel Cap
Feature We mount our LP tanks in a side mounted
storage compartment on our travel trailer models
rather than on the hitch like most other brands.
This allows us to install an optional ABS storage
pod mounted on the hitch that provides added
space for commonly used items such as tools,
power cord, cleaning fluids, etc. that often can
get lost inside the main storage bay. Benefit
Our enclosed 30 lb. LP tanks provide better tank
capacity availability during cold weather camping
by keeping the tanks away from freezing
temperatures. Exterior mounted tanks can lose up
to 40 of their LP capacity during extremely cold
temperatures. The storage pod is a great added
feature for our travel trailers where exterior
storage space is often very limited.
Feature We install a diamond tread plate
aluminum rock guard to prevent damage to the
lower exterior fiberglass front panels. Benefit
This is an important feature often overlooked by
many competitors that install fiberglass front
caps or end walls on their travel trailers. Our
aluminum diamond shield provides an added barrier
to keep your investment looking new for many
years to come by eliminating unwanted rock chips
and stress cracks on the front wall.
Feature We offer an AE power awning as an
available option on all models.Benefit This is
a high-end feature usually not found on other
brands at our price point. What a great feature
for customers to have the convenience to extend
their awning at the push of a button. Most other
brands require a customer to spend thousands more
to move up to their high end models to get this
popular option.  
Feature Our weatherproof exterior speakers
connected to our deluxe 12 volt sound system are
wired into the C speaker input of the
AM/FM/CD/DVD player. The speakers are mounted low
on the fender skirt unlike most other brands that
mount theirs up high near the roof area. Benefit
Mounting the speakers on the fender skirt places
the sound closer to where most people sit under
their awning allowing for much better sound at
lower volume levels so you can enjoy your
favorite music without disturbing your neighbors
in the adjacent campsites.
Feature Rear electric stabilizer jacks are a
great option for added customer convenience
during set-up of the RV!Benefit Our rear
electric stab jacks have individual pressure
sensors in each jack so they make contact with
the ground prior to lifting the RV to stabilize
the unit in a level position even on uneven
ground! Most other brands do not offer electric
jacks at this price point. Setting up other RV
brands can be a REAL chore.  
Feature We lead the industry with innovative
ideas! A separate exterior storage compartment
under the patio awning capable of housing an
optional outside mini refrigerator is available
in several of our floor plans. Benefit This is
another great feature not found on most other
brands. What an added convenience to have an
additional storage area or refrigerator for food
and beverage items closely placed under your
patio awning area!
Feature We install only deep-tinted safety glass
windows in all locations! Benefit This is an
option for many other brands. Our safety glass
wont develop dangerous shards if broken and the
deep tinted glass provides excellent UV light
protection to minimize fading of fabrics and
Feature We provide an exterior light with a
switch at the dump tank area for added
convenience. The black tank flush is a standard
feature.Benefit These are very handy features
to have when dumping the tanks at night and to
rinse the black tank to prevent corrosion that
most other brands do not install as standard
Feature The basement storage area of our full
profile fifth wheels offer a hinged front
bulkhead wall to provide a much larger capacity
and more accessible pass-through storage than
other brands with a fixed wall. 
Bulkhead wall in upright position
(Notice the standard battery disconnect switch.
Another feature not found in most other brands!)
Innovative Design!
Bulkhead wall moving towards lower position
Benefit This unique feature allows the front
storage area located underneath the goose neck to
be accessed from the side cargo doors vs having
to stoop over under the hitch area to access your
cargo items. This increases storage capacity for
larger items by adding approximately 20 cubic
feet of extra cargo space.
Bulkhead wall in lower position
Feature We install snap-in brackets to hold the
slide room manual crank arm, awning rod, and
spare tire crank on the basement compartment
wall.Benefit Usually these important
components are thrown on the cargo area floor and
get covered up with cargo items during transit
making them difficult to find over time. Ours
stay put making them easy to find when needed. 
Benefit Most other brands at this price point do
not offer an option for a high gloss gel-coat
fiberglass exterior. You usually have to upgrade
to a top of the line model for thousands of
more to order this popular option!
Feature Our power front stabilizer jacks have
snap pins that face forward vs. out to each side
of the unit.Benefit Provides much easier
access to the snap jacks during the set-up of the
RV. You do not have to walk around to each side
of the unit to operate the snap pins. This also
saves time during set-up.
Feature We install an under-carriage crank down
tire carrier vs. a bumper mount carrier on most
models. Benefit The crank down spare tire
carrier is an upgrade not found on many other
brands and provides better weight distribution.
It also removes the tire from the bumper area,
making it possible for a bumper mounted bike rack
hitch receiver.
Feature We install a 4 x 4 steel rear bumper
with a diamond tread plate bumper wrap for long
lasting durability and added safety when using
the standard rear ladder. Benefit Another great
feature that many others dont install!
Feature Our residential size kitchen sink is
stainless steel not plastic like most other
brands. We also install a water filter, drinking
water faucet, high arching faucet, 2 sink covers
and 2 large residential size sink
basins.Benefit Stainless will not scratch like
cheaper plastic sinks and the larger size and
high arching sink makes clean-up much easier than
other brands. Who doesnt want clean water to
drink vs. buying bottled water? Most other brands
do not install water filters or drinking water
Feature On several full profile bed slide
models, we install an extra wide 30 residential
full size microwave with built-in light and
exterior exhaust vent. An optional 30 convection
microwave is also available for those owners that
want to enjoy a truly residential kitchen
experience. Benefit Most other brands do not
offer the larger microwave or convection ovens.
They typically install a much smaller 19-22 low
capacity microwave with under mounted exhaust
fan. The smaller units typically do not have the
capacity for cooking family meals. Gulf Streams
got the advantage for you!
Feature We install a large pantry in many models
several of which have a pull-out wire basket rack
system designed to easily accommodate moving
pantry items from the kitchen to the outside
patio area for picnic meals with the
family. Benefit Our large oversized pantry areas
found in most models provide much better storage
capacity for full time living! Most other brands
dont provide enough space and do not install
pull-out pantries for the added convenience found
in a Gulf Stream.
Feature Our dinette table has a swivel top
mechanism and leaf extension.
Figure 1 Table turned sideways for storage
during transit
Figure 2 Table top swivels
Figure 4 Table with leaf in extended position
Figure 3 Table in useable position
Feature We install a slide mechanism on the
table top to allow the table top to move towards
either side adding space for larger guests. In
addition, the slider feature allows the table top
to swivel around to the front or side position
without hitting corner of the table against the
sidewall. Benefit This great feature allows
guests to position the table in a more
comfortable seating position for guests of all
sizes and shapes. Often the manufacturer does not
allow enough room between the table top and the
wall area behind the seating positions making
their dinettes almost impossible to enjoy for
many people.
Provides about 6 of additional space
Table Operating Instructions Slider Feature
(Figure 1) Pull the two hinge brackets down so
the hinge plates are down and away from the wood
frame gliders. The table top will be able to
slide from side to side with the hinge plates in
the down position as shown. Note This must be
done in order to swivel the table around so the
corner of the table will miss the
sidewall. Swivel feature (Figure 2) To swivel
the table top around, the you must slide the
table top corner that pivots towards the wall at
the furthest point away from the wall. Once this
is done, pull down the swivel release as shown
below and swivel the table 90 degrees until it
locks into place.
Pull down release for slide mechanism
Pull down release for swivel mechanism
Figure 1
Figure 2
Feature Our solid hardwood dinette chairs have a
curved back for maximum comfort and back support.
The bottom cushion lifts up to provide a storage
space under the seat. Benefit A storage area is
hidden under each dinette chair seat base
providing an excellent place for holding books,
magazines, extra napkins or other items from
taking up valuable kitchen and overhead cabinet
storage space. Many other brands do not offer
this unique storage area.
Feature All of our units are built with full
extension steel ball bearing drawer guides
throughout the entire RV.Benefit These drawer
guides have smoother operation than typical
plastic roller designs used by many other brands.
They also allow the drawer to pull all the way
out of the opening to maximize access to items in
the drawers. The drawer guides will hold up to 60
lbs. each making them among the strongest used in
the industry.  
Feature Our Cabinet fronts are made from high
quality solid hardwood poplar styles that are
pocket screwed together for long lasting
durability.Benefit Most other brands install
plywood or particle board and staple cabinets
together in this area. Screwing the solid poplar
hardwood boards together adds strength to
cabinets for long lasting durability and higher
end construction and value.
Pocket Screws
Feature Our unique Mega-Booth option provides
lots of storage, seating for 7-8 people on the
sofa, 10-12 at the dinette and sleeping for 2 on
a 60 x 80 queen size power air
mattress. Benefit This innovative design makes
traveling with friends and family much more
comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Finally
an RV for the entire family to enjoy. Thanks Gulf
Feature We offer optional 26 or 32 LCD TVS
for the living room area mounted on a swing arm
bracket on most models, and a 20 LCD TV with
built-in DVD player mounted on a quick release
bracket for the bedroom and bunkroom areas in all
floor plans. Benefit Most other brands only
offer a 26 TV and do not install a swing arm
bracket. In addition, most do not offer bedroom
or bunkroom TVs and do not have a separate DVD
player in the bedroom. With our entertainment
system, you can enjoy your favorite movie
independent of what other guests are watching on
the other TV. The swing arm bracket allows the TV
to be maneuvered into the perfect position for
the perfect viewing angle in all seating
positions of the living room area.
20 LCD w/ DVD in Bedroom
Swing Arm Bracket
Feature Our 12 volt home theater system includes
an AM/FM Stereo, CD/DVD Player, 5 speaker
surround sound in the living room on the A
speaker input, 2 bedroom speakers on the B
input and 2 exterior speakers on the C input.
This system also provides a USB jack for laptop
or MP3 connections to the LCD TV monitor, an SD
memory card input to watch digital pictures from
your cameras memory card, and an auxiliary input
for I-pod connections. Benefit Shop and
compare, Gulf Streams system has more features
and speakers than most other brands!
Feature The living room entertainment area of
many of our models include an optional electric
fire place with a solid hardwood mantel and a
component shelf designed for adding a satellite
receiver, VCR, or video game console. Benefit
Our optional fireplace provides the added warmth,
comfort and style of true residential living. The
component shelf adds a convenience not found in
most other brands!
Feature Gulf Stream installs only solid hardwood
cabinet doors, drawers, cabinet upper and lower
accent trim, door casing, crown molding as well
as perimeter fascia trim around every
slide-out.Benefit Would you install fake wood
in your home or RV? Many competitors install
pressed paper or compressed plastic foam that
only looks like real wood. Beware of these
cheaper construction methods as they do not
provide the long lasting durability and beauty of
real hardwood. 
Feature We install a grab handle at the
stairwell leading up into the bathroom and
bedroom area of all fifth wheel models. Benefit
Most other models dont provide this important
safety feature. The handle allows safe and secure
entry to and from the bathroom and bedroom area
for people of all ages.
Feature We install an upgrade neo-angle shower
with textured glass enclosure, shower skylight,
and deluxe pewter shower head with removable
sprayer. Benefit Once again we offer the best
residential features for your home away from
home. Try to find other RVs that have everything
youll find in Gulf Streams products.
Feature We complete the high-end luxurious look
with a stained raised six panel bathroom door
with deluxe residential door hardware and
decorative pewter handle.Benefit Most other
brands offer cheaper flat panel luan doors
wrapped in wood grain paper with tiny door
handles and hinges that are easily scratched or
damaged or can pull out of the hinges over time.
 Our doors provide a much better look and style
and provide long lasting beauty and durability.
Feature Our side aisle bath models have three
solid raised panel wood grain sliding doors to
close off the bathroom and bedroom area for added
privacy. Benefit Most other brands install
cheaper flat panel doors or accordion doors that
do not provide much privacy. Also, many
manufacturers install swing doors vs. sliding
doors in these areas which make entry and exit
into the bathroom difficult and sometimes
dangerous as occupants inside the bath cant see
someone outside the door and can accidentally hit
someone with the door. Our sliding doors offer
added safety and privacy not found in most other
Feature We maximize your bedroom comfort and
convenience with a 60 X 80 queen size pillow
top innerspring mattress, quilted comforter,
padded headboard, dual pillows with shams,
overhead shelf, night stand and 110 volt bedside
outlet as standard features in all bed slide
models.Benefit No other brands offer all of
these comfort and convenience items at this price
point. All the comforts of home are found in your
Gulf Stream RV! 
Feature Due to the smaller size of our electric
slide mechanism, we install a 12 deep ABS
storage tub under the bed deck in all bed slide
models to provide the best under bed storage
compartment in the industry!Benefit Most other
brands use cheaper hydraulic slide mechanisms
that take up almost all of the room under their
bed deck. Youll only find about 4 deep storage
with unfinished plywood panels in their designs.
Our models provide a huge ABS tub with ample room
for lots of extra bedding and other larger cargo
Feature Our bedroom slide fifth wheel models
have 6 5 bedroom ceiling height nearly the
entire way into the bedroom to the front closet
area.Benefit Taller ceiling heights means
taller customers can walk through the bedroom
without hitting their head on the ceiling! Most
other brands have sloped roofs and do not provide
adequate ceiling height throughout the bedroom
area. Their units do NOT feel as open and
spacious as ours.
Feature We install dual wire framed hanging
shelves and a shoe rack vs. a single 2 X 2
framed wood panel shelf and a hanging rod.
Benefit Our wire shelving is stronger than
wood framed shelves and provides a lip at the top
of the shelf to hold items in place during
transit. The unique design of the wire frame also
keeps clothes from shifting during travel to keep
even weight distribution across the shelf. The
second tier shelf doubles storage capacity and
the shoe rack is a nice plus not found in most
other brands!  
Feature Our washer/dryer closet includes
hardwood louvered doors, optional prep for water
lines, drain pipe, 110 volt outlet and includes a
hanging rod for clothes to be used if the combo
washer dryer is not installed. Benefit Most
other units do not include louvered doors for the
washer dryer closet. As a result, the doors must
either be changed to louvered doors, or the user
must leave the doors open while using the washer
or dryer to prevent heat build-up in the closet.
Louvered doors prevent excess heat that could
lead to fire or damage to the appliance.
Feature An electric fireplace in the living room
or bedroom is an available option in many of our
floor plans. Benefit The electric fireplace
provides that warm and cozy home away from home
feel. It also has a built-in 5100 BTU heater with
blower motor and a remote control start, dimmer
and heater thermostat setting. The heater takes
the chill out of the living areas of the RV
without burning any LP gas, making it an
efficient heat source on moderately cold days.
Many other brands do not even offer this
attractive and functional feature.
Feature We install a battery disconnect switch
located inside the door side basement storage
area. Benefit This prevents the battery from
losing power due to parasitic draw during short
or long term storage by disconnecting the battery
from the electrical wiring. On other brands you
would need to disconnect the cables if you dont
want to have a dead battery when you return to
use the RV.
Feature We install an exterior battery
compartment on all full profile fifth wheels
capable of accommodating two 12 volt full size
batteries.Benefit Most manufacturers install a
plastic battery box capable of holding 1 battery
in the front storage compartment underneath the
goose neck. This area makes them very difficult
to access for maintenance or servicing. Also, 1
battery generally will not last long enough while
dry camping and will require you to start your
vehicle or generator excessively.  
Feature We install a standard propane quick
connect valve for RV low pressure gas grills in
the patio area. Benefit This allows the user to
easily connect their gas grill to their LP tanks,
rather than buying separate propane cylinders.
What a great feature not found on many brands
that cost thousands more! Gulf Stream has it all.
Feature Our water filtration system will filter
all the water entering the RV. ANOTHER GULF
BRANDS!Benefit Filtered water ensures fresh
drinking water, shower and sink water. It also
keeps unwanted contaminates from outside water
sources from entering the RV plumbing lines and
tanks. It also eliminates the added costs of
buying bottled water! You need not worry about
bad water in a Gulf Stream!
Feature We install a standard 6 gallon DSI gas
and electric water heater standard on travel
trailers and mid profile fifth wheels. We require
an optional 12 gallon DSI gas and electric water
heater on full profile fifth wheels. Benefit
Most other brands offer a 10 gallon water heater
on their full profile fifth wheel models. Our 12
gallon system ensures that you will not run out
of hot water, even while traveling with family
members or friends.
Feature We install a standard 30,000 BTU Furnace
and offer an option for a 42,000 BTU system that
is mandatory on all models 32 feet or
longer. Benefit Our upgrade 42,000 heating
system surpasses the 30-35,000 BTU system
install by most other brands. Many other RVs do
not provide enough heat to properly heat both the
living areas and underbelly area where the
holding and water tanks are located. Our system
provides ample heat for true four season use,
even in Canada!
Feature Our Optional 12 Volt holding tank heat
pads are available on all our floor
plans.Benefit Most other brands do not offer
this important feature at this price point. The
heated tank pads add supplemental heat to the
furnace duct and back-up protection to prevent
the tanks from freezing during winter time
Feature Generator prep is an available option on
all of our full profile bed slide fifth wheel
models. This includes a sealed galvanized steel
housing for the genset, a vented front
compartment door, LP line into the compartment, a
wiring harness, start/stop switch and hour
meter. Benefit Most other brands at this price
point do not offer an option for a generator or
gen prep. You usually have to upgrade to a top of
the line model for thousands of more to order
this popular option!
Feature We install two RG6 co-axle cables from
the exterior of the unit into the living
entertainment center as well as a phone
jack.Benefit Most brands install 1 RG6 co-ax
cable that is designed to carry either the cable
or satellite signal through 1 wire, but not
simultaneously. A customer must purchase a signal
splitter on competitors system if they own a
satellite dish and have cable TV available. With
other brands, the customer must go outside, even
in bad weather, to switch the splitter to select
cable or satellite programming. With our dual
wire system, both cable and satellite input
signals are available to select from the comfort
of your living room using the TVs input
selection on the remote. Many other RVs dont
even have a phone jack anymore. Gulf Stream has
it all.
Feature The interior convenience center places
many important electrical and plumbing controls
at convenient central location inside the front
entry door. Slide room controls, heated electric
tank pad switches, light switches and the tank
monitor panel are all located in this unique
hardwood framed control panel. Benefit This
allows many the owner to perform many useful
functions to be used to control the lights, slide
rooms and check the tank capacities of the unit.
Most other brands do not offer switch controls
for each slide room inside the unit like ours
because they use a hydraulic slide room system.
Also, most brands do not offer heated tank pads
in addition to the forced furnace duct located in
the underbelly of the unit.
Feature Our 12 volt fuse panel has an L.E.D.
display light to show the customer which fuse
has blown for added convenience. If the L.E.D.
light is not lit up then the fuse has
blown.Benefit This feature, not found on most
other brands, saves valuable time if a fuse has
blown by eliminating the need to pull out each
fuse to check and see which fuse has blown.
Checking each fuse is very difficult, especially
if one has poor eyesight.
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